Quarantine restrictions are beginning to ease up in many regions, and you may be eager to get outside to enjoy the nice weather and time apart from your home indoors! Though in-person meetups remain restricted in terms of location and the allowed number of visitors, and not all parks are open, you can still get outdoors in your yard or neighborhood.

One of the best ways to take advantage of staying close to home outdoors is to partake in virtual cookouts, which offer safe, social-distanced summer fun and community.

Why Host A Backyard Cookout During the Coronavirus?

Backyard cookouts have long provided a wonderful opportunity for relaxing with loved ones. In an age of coronavirus, we need such relaxation more than ever.

Over two months of quarantine have granted us a serious case of cabin fever. Thankfully, this can be eliminated in mere seconds by taking advantage of the great outdoors. It’s tough to feel glum when surrounded by the sounds of nature and the amazing scents and tastes of the grill.

What Is a Virtual BBQ? How Does it Work?

Backyard cookouts can be enjoyable even when limited to quarantine companions — or, if you live alone, a party of one. Additional participants, however, grant it a more festive feel. Hence, the value of taking on a virtual approach, in which loved ones join you from afar. This can occur via videoconferencing, or, if you prefer, with the use of content marked by the hashtag #stayincookout.

Over the course of your virtual BBQ, you can connect with fellow attendees to share grilling tips, progress pictures, or stories from the good old days of in-person cookouts.

Build a playlist in advance so that, regardless of their physical location, all participants can groove out to the same songs. Be sure to include Beyonce’s Before I Go (below). The ultimate cookout song, this catchy tune will have you and all other virtual BBQ attendees dancing in your respective backyards.

Fun Backyard Cookout Ideas For Quarantine Events

Whether experienced online or in person, your quarantine cookout need not feel like a lesser version of the traditional BBQ. A few creative tweaks can elevate the experience to make it even more enjoyable than your typical backyard gathering.

Pretend You’re Camping

If you desperately miss travel, you’re far from alone. Even a basic camping trip may seem like paradise compared to the confines of your home. Until you’re ready to hit the road, however, you can find unique ways to bring that sense of vacation into your typical surroundings. Feel free to pitch a tent in your backyard and enjoy all the traditions associated with your favorite campground.

Look to popular YouTuber Gideons Tactical for inspiration. He has committed to bringing the best of camping to backyards throughout the nation. In the especially informative — and entertaining — video below, he highlights all the essentials for a backyard breakfast cookout. From building a fire to whipping up scrambled eggs, this video will motivate you to make camping memories without leaving your home.

Bring the Joy of BBQ to Your Community

Acts of kindness are more important than ever in the midst of coronavirus-induced anxiety. Why not share the love in the form of a communal meal? This is the perfect solution if you’re proud of your BBQ recipes but unable to let loved ones sample your culinary creations in person. Instead, get your neighbors in on the action by cooking up your favorite dishes and distributing them throughout your community.

Take the Cookout to Your Front Yard

Patios, decks, and backyards have traditionally dominated the cookout experience, but quarantine calls for a shakeup of such long-held traditions. Why not move the fun to your front porch or yard? There, you can interact with drivers and pedestrians as they pass your home. A front yard cookout will instantly grant your BBQ a more social feel.

Better yet, encourage your neighbors to take part in their own front yard cookouts. If preferred, every household can supply their own meals. Think about organizing a socially distanced potluck, in which each participant contributes a specific entree, side, beverage, or dessert.

If you need motivation to take your cookout to the front yard, look to Oscar Mayer’s #FrontYardCookout campaign. During the month of May, every tweet that includes this hashtag will prompt a donation to the charity Feeding America.

Add Cardboard Cutouts to the Mix

Virtual meetings and appropriately distanced neighbors can turn your quarantine cookout into a social function, but these occasions make it difficult to stage photo ops. Thankfully, a great workaround exists: cardboard cutouts!

Before your next event, create cutouts depicting the close friends or family members you would typically invite. When the big day arrives, set up the cutouts to create the perfect picture of your gathering. When cardboard is involved, there’s no need to maintain a distance of six feet.

Cardboard cutout joins BBQ.

For a hilarious take on this concept, don’t hesitate to include cardboard attendees who would, under ordinary circumstances, never bother to stop by your BBQ. For example, you can combine a Beyonce cutout with the aforementioned cookout song to create an unforgettable backyard concert.

Experience Cookout Bliss With Cardboard Cutout Standees

Ready to level up your quarantine cookout? Cardboard Cutout Standees can make it a memorable event. Contact us today to learn more about our custom BigHead and life-sized cutouts — and how they can be integrated into your virtual cookout or a variety of occasions during the coronavirus quarantine.