No matter what they say, March Madness is a holiday, and 2019 basketball season is right around the corner!

It’s the time when an average 70 million sports fans fill out brackets in an attempt to project the outcome of 67 back-to-back games (63 if you don’t include the first four). It’s a time of friendly competition, betting, debates, and March Madness parties.

March madness final four.

Photo by fabfiver5 | CC BY

If you’re getting your friends or family together for a March Madness party, make it more than a gap sport between football and baseball, watched with a big screen and a few snacks. Make it an event.

March Madness Party Ideas

Like all good holiday parties, there are decorations, good food and things to do at your get-together. Activities could include games, contests, or anything fitting of fun tournament madness. For great food, think tailgate-style, with burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, etc. When it comes to decorations, you want to go all out and support your team and those in your bracket, not to mention the spirit of basketball itself.

While sticking with tried and true adornments such as themed tablecloths and streamers is a must, adding a unique element like cardboard cutouts takes it to the next level. Cardboard cutouts are a fun, engaging addition to the room that will light up your party.

What is a Cardboard Cutout?

Essentially, cardboard cutouts are blown up images in a high resolution and with vivid colors on a sturdy backing for use as decoration, promotion, or for grabbing attention.

The image can be anything! Just upload the picture you want, edit as desired, and add words or graphics using our customization tool. You can also choose from hundreds of templates to help you achieve the perfect design.

How could cardboard cutouts be used specifically for an NCAA March Madness party? Read on for unique decoration ideas that all fans can support.

Blow Up Your Bracket

Show off your picking skills by filling a wall with a poster-sized cutout of your bracket to place above the snack table, the TV, or within easy sight so your friends can keep tabs on tournament progress. Follow your picks of the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four in style, and consider making cutouts of others’ bracket picks to fuel competition and energy!

March madness bracket.

Photo by frankieleon | CC BY

Add the finer details by printing out small images of players from each team and use them as your markers to show which teams are advancing.

Decorate with Lifesize Players and Big Head Cutout Standees

Really want to add to the scene? Bring the game to life with life size cutouts of your favorite college basketball players, NCAA signs or team logos. Don’t forget basketballs!

March madness players.

Photo by ChadCooperPhotos | CC BY

Hole-in-head jerseys can be part of the action, too. Use them for photos, decoration or as part of quarter or half time drinking games.

Team Logos, Basketball Cutouts and Other Wall Decorations

Cardboard Cutout Standees’s customization tool allows you to create nearly any cutout you can think of, which means you can make a Florida Gators logo, Spurs logo, Clemson logo, Georgia Bulldogs logo, Flyers logo (or any other CBS Sports logo) or Buckeye leaf, in various sizes and with your own modifications.

Dayton Flyers mascot.

Photo by ChadCooperPhotos | CC BY

You can also create cutouts of various players, their jerseys or just their faces, along with hundreds of other wall decorations to show your support (i.e. the notorious pointer finger).

Hand Out Viewing Party Player Cutouts

A perfect idea for parties or at actual games, creating custom Big Head cutouts of players’ faces, jersey numbers, logos or basketballs with your favorite team’s name printed on it to hand out as party favors to guests will be a big hit. Attach sticks to them and they’re ready for action!

Take Big Head Cutouts to March Madness Games

Like we said, Big Heads are a great way to support your team or favorite players while at actual games. What makes them so great is that you can get them in various sizes, starting at one foot all the way up to lifesize or larger – yet they are still manageable to carry and keep out of the viewing path of fellow fans.

Where to Get Your Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard cutouts really elevate your party decor and make it more entertaining. Not only because they are unique, but because they’re a lot more engaging than any other type of decoration.

Use cardboard cutouts at your March Madness party this year for a celebration to remember. Create your own themed Big Heads and life size standees made to your liking!