There are some TV shows that are never forgotten. They’re watched over and over again, and even loved by generations far removed from the original air time. Luckily, when shows such as the much loved “Friends” ends, nostalgia kicks in and we find ways to keep the stories going.

One way we do this is by throwing themed parties, dressing up as our favorite characters, littering our homes with “Friends” merchandise and memorabilia…

If you’re looking for ways to keep the “Friends” TV show alive, then grab a “Friends” Cardboard Cutout and take a look at these following ways to use it.

Best Ways to Use “Friends” Cardboard Cutouts


Various via Wikimedia Commons CC BY

Chances are, if you’re looking for a “Friends” cardboard cutout, then you already have an event or creative idea in mind.

Often, cardboard cutouts of favorite characters are used in types of themed or costume parties. But those aren’t the only places they can or should be used.

Here are a few unique ways to use your “Friends” Phoebe cardboard cutout… (or whichever character is your favorite):

  • As a gift
  • As a background at a birthday
  • Theme movie nights (or TV binge night)
  • For photo areas
  • At a coffee station (office or party)
  • Patio barbecue station
  • To surprise a new roommate
  • Costume parties

If a costume party or themed party sounds like the perfect use of your “Friends” cardboard cutout, but you aren’t sure how to go about it, then keep reading for a quick guide on planning a “Friends” themed party.

How to Throw A Friends Themed Party

Throwing a themed party doesn’t take as much planning as you might think. However, there are several factors that you should consider.


For any party, the music sets the mood. But for a themed party, the music needs to represent all that the party is and should be. It needs to fit.

One of the best ways to do this is to pool the soundtracks from the show onto one playlist and use that as the background to your dinner or activities planned.

You can also find a projector, or simply use your TV and broadcast the shows. Start with the very first episode, or start somewhere in the middle. Either way, you’ll have an interesting backdrop to set the tone throughout the party.


Themed parties often include activities. These can range from the generic fun such as bean bag toss to full-on, well-planned games that represent the theme.

Other times, simply having food (maybe food they eat frequently on the show), is enough to satisfy the theme and your guests.


Any themed party needs decorations that create the look and feel of the theme.

If you’re throwing a “Friends” themed party, then you might want to dress the place up with “Friends” TV show merchandise, place a “Friends” sticker or wall decal here and there, pass out or wear a “Friends” t-shirt.

Here are a few other ways to create a “Friends” feel at your party:

  • Add a dress-up station for your friends – with lookalike Joey or Monica outfits
  • Recreate scenes or locations in the show – such as the café they frequent
  • Dress your place up like your favorite characters’ place
  • Pass out “Friends” TV show gifts, popular “Friends” memorabilia or accessories
  • Use Cardboard Cutouts of your favorite characters

Where to get “Friends” Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard Cutout Standees has a customization tool that lets you customize your own life size cardboard cutouts to use for parties, games, as a gift or for anything else you can think of.

Check out Cardboard Cutout Standees for your customized “Friends” character cutouts and contact us for more information.