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  • Create your QC Little League BigHead

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    12", 24", 36", and 47" BigHeads on Cardboard or weather-proof Bubble-X Plastic.

    HOW IT WORKS: You upload your photo and we will crop out the subject's head.  If your photo has multiple subjects, let us know the one single person we should crop out in the "Special Instructions" field.  If your photo has two people, and you want BigHeads of each separately, please enter a new second order using the same image again. 

    No coupons or discount codes accepted for this item.

    All orders need to be placed by 9PM Central Time Tuesday, June 6th. 

    Delivery Date is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14th. Your order will be bulk shipped to the address we have been provided.  

    IMPORTANT: After placing your order, if we have a concern as to how your image is going to turn out, you may receive an email and /or text from us for a Quality Approval. In this approval we will ask you to review and confirm the final print quality of your image. This email requires your response for us to move forward with your order. 

    • $21.99