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  • Create Your Standee

    Welcome to the Cardboard Cutout Standee designer.  This is where you will upload your photo and create your personalized cutout.  In just a few steps you will be able to create your custom cutout, have it priced, and in the cart.  It will be all ready for our team to produce your life sized custom cutout and have it on the way to your door!

    It takes just a few simple steps to design your custom cutout.

    • Upload Your Photo
    • Select the Number of Subjects and the Exact Height 
    • Choose the Material 
    • Select Speech Bubble Options and Add Text
    • Tell Us if You Want Us to Edit Your Photo
    • $252.99
  • Oversized Panel

    Add this item to your cart to cover the cost of producing your standee with an oversized panel.

    • $50.00