Halloween Cardboard Cutouts, Standees, and Decals

Halloween Cardboard Cutouts, Standees and Decals

Cardboard face-in-the-hole Halloween standees and decals are the perfect addition to your Halloween party or to display for your Trick-or-Treaters! Our durable vinyl wall decals are great for selfies and are easy to apply or remove. All of our standups are made from our weather-proof, Bubble-X plastic and come with removable stands. You will be able to reuse these decorations for many spooky seasons to come!

The face hole cutouts are great photo stand-ins that have holes for both kids and adults to stand behind. The cutout pieces are included so that you can put them back into the standees, use them as props, or as accents to your Halloween displays even when they are not being used to take photos.

Along with the standees, we also have a Halloween photo backdrop that is a perfect background to shoot photos of your costumed guests. If one of your guests didn't wear a costume, we created Angel and Devil Wings wall decals that will get them in the Halloween spirit!

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Products: 19 of 11