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Point of Purchase (POP) Marketing

Point of purchase marketing will position your products and services at a key time (right before a consumer is ready to make a purchase) with the goal of increasing the value of the sale made. POP marketing is highly effective at encouraging a higher customer engagement and upsell opportunity, which allows companies to get more out of each consumer, be it online or offline. Because of the importance of point of purchase advertising, it’s a vital component of most overarching in-store marketing campaigns.

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Typical layout of POP marketing display.

Point of purchase marketing includes two types of displays: Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) displays. Learn the differences!


Point of purchase display is cut from cardboard.

The purchase point is a critical area for encouraging a sale or an additional sale, which is why POP display companies and manufacturers offer a wide range of options in displays to fit most scenarios. Learn more.


Promotion is key to activating your point of purchase display.

Running a point of purchase promotion is an excellent way to encourage a special add-on of a new product or highlight a sale price. Promotional POP display marketing is an excellent way to give consumers more value, as well. Here’s why.