Beer Cutouts for Brewing Trade Shows, Promo Events & More

Beer Cutouts

liquor store cuout

Cardboard cutouts are a tried and true form of marketing in the beverage space.  They’re perfect for multiple uses. In-store they act as a point of sale (POS) piece for grocery stores, liquor stores, and more.  For brewers trying to get their name out there, they’re a perfect way to make a splash at tradeshows and conventions.  Who doesn’t want to see a six-foot-tall bottle of beer?

Our cutouts are perfect for smaller niche markets like local grocery and liquor stores because they stick out.  Have customers focus on your brand with an eye catching cutout.  They’re perfect for helping the underdog stand out.  That’s what we do at Cardboard Cutout Standees, help you stand out in a crowded market space.  We’re your number one resource for all of your cardboard cutout needs.

For Brewers

We have a couple of cardboard cutout options for brewers to take to trade shows, promotional events, tap takeovers, you name it!

Brewery Cutouts and Logos

beer can cutouts

It’s easy to stand out when you have a standup of your logo.  Use your company logo or other leading visuals to show off your brand.  These beer cardboard standups are perfect as large or small cutouts and they can be placed on a bar top, table, or display floor.

Smaller pieces are great as displays for tap takeovers.  You can communicate your brand message around the physical taps without taking up too much space.  This leads to patrons asking questions about your company and is a great organic stepping off point for a sales pitch.  The compact size means they can travel with you without taking up too much space.  You can even leave them behind for owners to place on a table or display on a shelf.

Larger logos are great for trade shows and promotional events.  They let you show off your brand in a large, clear way and are a great way to attract potential customers.  Our larger cutouts fold and break down for easy transport without messing up your artwork.  You can use them again and again at different events to get a larger return on your investment.

Beer Mug Cutouts and Stein Standees

Beer mug cutouts let your potential customers see what you have to offer.  What’s a great brand beer stein standeeor logo if your beer can’t pass the taste test.  These cutouts show what you have to offer without wasting product.  Sure you could set a beer out to show off the crisp color, but your head will flatten out and so will your beer over time.  Nobody wants to look at an old, warm beer.  Keep your visual fresh just like your beer!

Stein standees are a traditional look without the extra cost of producing a real stein.  You know steins are expensive, but you want to have a classic look associated with your beer.  Stein standees are cutouts at the same dimension as your stein but without taking up the extra space and at a fraction of the cost.  The break down so you can take them on the go without the extra weight or space needed with a real stein.

For Point of Sale

Point of sale pieces are specifically designed to convert potential customers into actual spend.  Use these point of sale pieces in liquor stores, grocery stores, or any other place you sell your beer.  Stores are excited to receive promotional materials for brands because it will lead to increased sales for them, which leads to increased sales for your company.

Beer Girl Cutouts

beer girl cutout

You’ve seen them before and they work.  Beer girl cardboard cutouts are a proven way to attract attention to your brand and increase your sales.  You can’t be everywhere to promote your brand but these cardboard cutouts can.  Place them in stores or markets so that you stand out from your competitors.  Customers look for brands that go the extra mile and you can go the extra mile very simply with one of these cutouts.

Beer Bottle Cutouts

Show off your fresh, crisp brew without having to pop a cap.  Beer cutouts let you display your beer for all to see without having to waste any product.  When you have your beer on display next to your competitors you stand a better chance of increasing your sales when your display is better.  These can go anywhere.  They can be placed on display tables, checkout countertops, in windows at entry or in a walk-in cooler.

POS cutouts are a great way to gain attention in the aisles.  They’re not just for mega breweries anymore.  They’re a great way to send more six packs out the door and find a quick return on your advertising investment.

Let’s Sell Some Beer

We proudly support the brewing industry by being a supplier member of the Brewer’s Association.  Our goal is to provide the best custom standees to help build brands and grow sales.  All of our products can be printed on a corrugated plastic material with waterproof, fade resistant, UV cured inks to make all of our displays “beer proof”.  They ship with a removable stand for ease of use when setting them up or taking them down.  Total setup and breakdown time is less than a minute.

Our custom standees can be ordered in any range from 1 to 10,000.  Price breaks vary depending on the total number of standees, the number of different images used, and the overall standee size.  We can ship your custom cutout orders in bulk to a single location, or package and drop ship each standee individually.

Point of Sale Cutout
POS Beer Cutout
Beer Cutout


Need design assistance for your project?  Our design team can take your ideas and create a professionally designed cardboard cutout quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions please contact us here or call us at: 1-844-740-8103.  If you’re ready to go please fill out the form below to get started.  Let us help you design and create your own custom standees today!