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About Us

Our goal is to deliver a great product for your event or display.  We're fanatical about every step we take -- from a great online experience and superb service to a precise and professional finished lifesize cutout.

How we got started

Meet Jay and Jason -- former college roommates.

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A few years ago Jason was away during the annual Oktoberfest celebration.        


Jay knew a thing or two about printing and cutting, and created "Flat Jason." 
Flat Jason had a great time at Oktoberfest.  He met and was photographed with friends and strangers.  Flat Jason was a hit.

Flat Jason Standee

Real Jason thought we should make more flat people.

So we studied, learned and got started.  We've been in business for 7+ years and have produced over 500,000 cutouts!

Hear from Jay and Jason here:

Our Staff

We're a small, hardworking Wisconsin business made up of friends and family.  Everyone here takes pride to ensure that only quality products go out the door.  

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 We are always looking at ways to improve our site or product.  If you have any suggestions please let us know by using this form.