Headless Horseman Cutout Face in the Hole Standee

Headless Horseman Cutout Halloween Standee

The Headless Horseman rides again! This colorful Halloween Face in the Hole Standee features the headless horseman and two places for your guests to place their heads for a scary photo opportunity.  Printed on two 45" wide by 94" tall panels to create a large 90" x 94" Halloween display when it's assembled.

This face-in-the-hole cutout standee is printed on our weather-proof Bubble-X plastic and can survive the most haunting of Halloween weather conditions.  We include two stands that are attached with velcro.  Once Halloween is over you can remove the stands and fold up the display for easy storage until next Halloween!

Give your trick-or-treaters a scary delight this Halloween season with the special photo opportunity with the Headless Horseman!