Balloon Pattern Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Balloon Pattern Wall Decal

Every day is a celebration with our Balloons wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of colorful shaped balloons, this wall decal kit makes decorating for your baby’s nursery or playroom a breeze. Made of premium quality die cut vinyl, each balloon shaped wall decal is just as easy to stick on as it is to remove. Each Balloons wall decal kit comes with an assortment of colorful heart, star, and traditional shaped balloons to adorn your child’s room. Whether you’re decorating a baby nursery, playroom, or kid’s bedroom, our Balloons wall decal kit creates a joyful atmosphere for both rest and play.  

Each Balloons wall decal kit features: 

  • 9 Blue balloons 
  • 9 Gold star balloons 
  • 8 Orange balloons 
  • 9 Teal round balloons 
  • 9 Pink heart balloons 
  • 8 Purple balloons 
  • 24 squiggly balloon strings 
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