Bee Pattern Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Bee Pattern Wall Decal

Create a charming and sunny atmosphere for your child’s room with our Bee Pattern wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of jovial bumblebees buzzing around honeycomb and a large sunflower, this wall decal kit is sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face. Each wall decal features a self-adhesive backing that makes decorating a breeze: simply peel off and apply to a clean, dry wall. With no fear of any sort of residue, our Bee Pattern wall decal kit makes a great alternative to paint or traditional wallpaper.  

Each Bee Pattern wall decal kit features: 

  • 1 large sunflower 
  • 20 bees 
  • 52 honeycomb shapes 
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