Paper Airplanes Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Paper Airplanes Wall Decal

Set the stage for nights of sweet dreams with our Paper Airplanes wall decal kit. Featuring 30 paper airplane decals zipping around amongst fluffy white clouds, this wall decal kit offers a simple, artistic way to create a happy and soothing environment for boys’ bedrooms or baby nurseries. Each decal is made of high-quality die cut vinyl that offers professional grade quality without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Best of all? Each wall decal is fully and easily removable. Adorn your child’s bedroom with whimsical paper airplanes for a relaxing space that’s perfect for both sleep and play.   

Each Paper Airplanes wall decal kit includes: 


  • 30 Paper airplane decals 
  • 20 Paper plane trails 
  • 18 Fluffy cloud decals 
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