Wall Decals for Girl Rooms - Removable Vinyl Mural Stickers

Our wall decals for girl rooms make it easier thanever to add flair to your child’s room.Made of high-quality vinyl, our wall decals and muralsfor girls are designed to reflectyour child’ personality and unique style. No needto commit to wallpaper or painting —these wall decals for girl bedrooms are fully removableso you can easily change thedesign as her tastes evolve over time. We offer girlsbedroom wall stickers and muralsfor girls of all ages, from infants to teens. Browseour collection of durable andremovable wall decals for girls below.

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  • Hearts Hipster Pastel Wall Decal
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    Hearts Hipster Pastel Wall Decal

    Our Hearts Hipster Pastel wall decal kit creates a timeless look for your little girl’s room or nursery. Featuring a colorful assortment of mini heart decals, each pastel heart wall decal kit comes with a total of 188 heart decals that are just as easy to stick on as they are to remove. Thanks to their die cut vinyl design, each pastel heart decal offers a durable, quality finish that is built to last, yet leaves no residue on the wall once removed. Decorating your little girl’s bedroom or baby girl’s nursery has never been easier thanks to this classic heart pattern wall decal kit. 

    Each Hearts Hipster Pastel wall pattern kit includes: 

    • 50 pink hearts 
    • 46 gold hearts 
    • 46 grey hearts 
    • 46 harlequin hearts 
    • $89.99
  • Magical Garden Wall Mural
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    Magical Garden Wall Mural

    Looking for an easy way to make over your child’s room? Look no further than our 8' tall x 10' wide Magical Garden wall mural. Featuring whimsical butterflies soaring above a colorful flower garden, this wall mural helps ensure that every day is filled with sunshine and happiness. Our Magical Garden wall mural is self-adhesive, making it easy to apply to any bedroom, playroom, or nursery wall. Hesitant about committing to a wall mural? No worries — each Cardboard Cutouts wall mural is fully removable! Perfect for girls’ rooms of all ages, from preschool age to pre-teens. Inspire growth, beauty, and positivity with our Magical Garden wall mural.  

    • $199.99
  • Unicorn Wall Decal
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    Unicorn Wall Decal

    Make every day feel like a fairytale with our Unicorn wall decal kit. Starring a majestic pink unicorn prancing amongst rainbows, stars, and clouds, each Unicorn wall decal kit includes everything you need to create an enchanting environment for playtime, sweet dreams, and everything in between. Made of heavy-duty die cut vinyl, each wall decal is crafted with self-adhesive to make decorating (and removal) as stress-free as possible, so you can focus on more important things like story time and slumber parties.  

    Each Unicorn wall decal kit includes: 

    • 1 large mystical unicorn 
    • 2 small rainbows 
    • 2 large rainbows 
    • 2 large clouds 
    • 4 small clouds 
    • 30 gold variety stars 
    • 34 pink variety stars 
    • $89.99
  • Large Hot Air Balloon Wall Decal
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    Large Hot Air Balloon Wall Decal

    Imagine climbing into a huge hot air balloon that can take you anywhere. With our Large Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit, you can easily bring that daydream to life! Featuring one enormous hot air balloon and four smaller balloons, each kit also includes several fluffy cloud decals to really set the scene. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms and more, our Large Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit includes everything you need to create a magical and whimsical atmosphere. Each wall decal is self-adhesive and easy to remove, making decorating your child’s room a simple and, dare we say, fun process. 

     Each Large Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit includes: 

    • 1 Large festive hot air balloon 
    • 4 small festive hot air balloons 
    • 16 small puffy clouds 
    • $89.99
  • Pinwheel Pattern Wall Decal
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    Pinwheel Pattern Wall Decal

    Create a whimsical and playful child’s bedroom with our Pinwheel Pattern wall decal kit. With an assortment of colorful pinwheels in various sizes, our Pinwheel Pattern wall decals make the perfect addition to any baby nursery, child’s bedroom, or playroom. Each Pinwheel wall decal is self-adhesive and easily sticks on to any clean, dry wall. No need to worry about complicated and messy wallpaper — our wall decals are just as easy to apply as they are to remove, without the worry of leaving behind any unnecessary residue.  

    Each Pinwheel Pattern wall decal kit features: 

    • 6 small purple pinwheels 
    • 6 small blue pinwheels 
    • 6 small green pinwheels 
    • 6 small yellow pinwheels 
    • 6 small pink pinwheels 
    • 3 large purple pinwheel tops 
    • 3 large blue pinwheel tops 
    • 3 large green pinwheel tops 
    • 3 large yellow pinwheel tops 
    • 3 large pink pinwheel tops 
    • $69.99
  • Bee Pattern Wall Decal
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    Bee Pattern Wall Decal

    Create a charming and sunny atmosphere for your child’s room with our Bee Pattern wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of jovial bumblebees buzzing around honeycomb and a large sunflower, this wall decal kit is sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face. Each wall decal features a self-adhesive backing that makes decorating a breeze: simply peel off and apply to a clean, dry wall. With no fear of any sort of residue, our Bee Pattern wall decal kit makes a great alternative to paint or traditional wallpaper.  

    Each Bee Pattern wall decal kit features: 

    • 1 large sunflower 
    • 20 bees 
    • 52 honeycomb shapes 
    • $69.99
  • Cute Fruit Pattern Wall Decal
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    Cute Fruit Pattern Wall Decal

    Our Cute Fruit Pattern wall decal kit makes it easy to add a pop of color to your child’s room. Featuring an assortment of favorite fruits like oranges, strawberries, bananas, and watermelon, each Cute Fruit Pattern wall decal kit includes everything you need to create an eye-catching look. Each fruit wall sticker is self-adhesive and fully removable — all you need is a clean, dry wall to design your masterpiece. Each fruit decal is made of premium quality die-cut vinyl to achieve a lasting and professional-looking finish.  

    Each Cute Fruit Pattern wall decal kit features: 

    • 34 Adorable strawberries 
    • 34 Sweet oranges 
    • 21 Appealing bananas 
    • 23 Delightful watermelons 
    • $89.99
  • Mermaid Single Wall Decal
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    Mermaid Single Wall Decal

    Bring the experience of an underwater fairytale to life with our Mermaid Single wall decal kit. Featuring an elegant mermaid seated on an ethereal seashell throne, each wall decal kit also comes with a variety of fish, bubbles, seahorses, and coral wall decals to round out the underwater scene. Each decal in this kit is self-adhesive and easy to apply to any clean, dry wall. Made of high-quality die-cut vinyl for lasting impressions, our mermaid and her bubbly friends make the perfect addition to any stylish girl’s room.  

    Each Mermaid Single wall decal kit features: 

    • 1 Joyful Mermaid 
    • 6 Green seaweeds 
    • 4 Pink Corals 
    • 4 Pink fish 
    • 4 Blue fish 
    • 2 Seastars 
    • 2 Jellyfish 
    • 2 Seahorses 
    • 4 dark blue bubbles 
    • 4 light blue bubbles 
    • $89.99
  • Mermaid Pattern Wall Decal
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    Mermaid Pattern Wall Decal

    Transform your child’s bedroom into an underwater wonderland with our Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of beautiful mermaids floating gracefully amongst fish, seashells, coral reefs, and other marine life, our Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit includes everything you need to create your own aquatic fairyland. Each wall decal in this kit is self-adhesive and easy to apply — simply peel off and stick to any dry wall for seamless decorating. When it comes time to change the room’s design, you can easily peel off our decals without fear of any residue. Perfect for girls’ bedrooms, playrooms, and more. 

    Each Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit features: 

    • 4 Purple hair mermaids 
    • 4 Pink hair mermaids 
    • 4 Blue hair mermaids 
    • 4 Gold hair mermaids 
    • 12 Green Seaweeds 
    • 8 Pink corals 
    • 8 Pink fish 
    • 8 Blue fish 
    • 4 Seahorses 
    • 4 Jellyfish 
    • 4 Purple seastars 
    • 2 small pink shells 
    • 2 small blue shells 
    • 2 large yellow shells 
    • 2 large purple shells 
    • 2 yellow hermit shells 
    • 2 purple hermit shells 
    • 2 pink snail shells 
    • 2 purple snail shells 
    • $69.99
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