Custom Wall Mural Pricing

How much does a custom wall mural cost?  Our Custom Wall Mural pricing is based on the finished square footage of your mural.  See examples of our removable wall mural prices below.  Upload a photo and create a custom wall mural that is perfect for any room: living room wall murals, kitchen wall murals, bathroom wall mural, man cave wall murals.

If you are looking for a mural that is die-cut to shape, you will love our Wall Decals!

Custom Wall Murals That Fit Your Budget

We produce the most inexpensive custom wall murals!  Shop with us to get the best prices on peel and stick murals you can find.  

FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING! (Expedited Options Available)

We make it easy to order your personal wall mural! Just upload a photo and select the and size and quantity. Here are some samples of the sizes and pricing for our top rated custom wall murals.

Example of custom wall mural sizes.

  6' Width 12' Width 18' Width 24' Width
3' Height $90.00 $180.00 $270.00 $360.00
6' Height $180.00 $360.00 $540.00 $720.00
9' Height $270.00 $540.00 $810.00 $1,080.00
12' Height $360.00 $720.00 $1,080.00 $1,440.00

12" Face-On-A-Stick

24" BigHead

Quantity 12"x12" Max 24"x24" Max
1 $15.99 $19.99
2-24 $11.99 $14.99
Quantities For Heads Made From Single Image
See the custom wall mural pricing then click to create your custom wall mural.