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Custom Wall Mural Prices & Pricing Chart

Unlike a traditional wall mural painting by a professional muralist, a personalized wall mural decal is faster to produce, easier to apply, removable - and cheaper.

Since our wall mural decals are made from photos you provide, the amount of detail, intricacy, and wall preparation work is not a factor in determining cost. As the mural artist, you decide the image, size and level of detail you desire. Whatever photo you submit is what you will receive - be it a high-detail New York City skyline, hazy beach sunset, brilliant mountain snow capped peaks or vibrant jungle foliage.

So take on your next DIY mural project by uploading your photo to create a custom wallpaper sticker of any size!

How Much Does A Wall Mural Cost?

Our inexpensive wall murals are priced based on the quantity and finished square footage of your decal. From 3’ x 6’, to 12’ x 24’ and even larger! See the chart below for our pricing.

Example of custom wall mural sizes.

  6' Width 12' Width 18' Width 24' Width
3' Height $108.00 $216.00 $324.00 $432.00
6' Height $216.00 $432.00 $648.00 $864.00
9' Height $324.00 $648.00 $972.00 $1,296.00
12' Height $432.00 $864.00 $1,296.00 $1,728.00

Custom Wall Murals That Fit Your Budget

Skip the wall prep work and hourly rates by creating your very own fine art for a fraction of the cost per square foot. Whether a large mural, small mural or trompe l'oeil, your space will shine with the wall art you adorn.

Visit our Wall Decals page to learn more about our vinyl die-cut to shape mural wallpapers, and enjoy free economy shipping (expedited options available).

See the custom wall mural pricing then click to create your custom wall mural.