Alien Astronaut Party Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Alien Astronaut Party Wall Decal

Dance party in space? Count us in! Our alien astronaut party wall decal kit brings an out-of-this-world party to your child’s bedroom for some spectacular cosmic fun. Featuring playful scenes such as a large astronaut high fiving an alien and astronauts and aliens dancing among stars and rocket ships, this wall decal kit is proof that humans and extraterrestrials can, in fact, coexist harmoniously. Each wall decal is of durable, easy-to-remove vinyl to make decorating your child’s room a breeze. Perfect for boys’ rooms, children’s bedrooms, or any kiddo who loves all things outer space.  

Each alien astronaut party wall decal set includes: 

  • 1 Super interstellar high five 
  • 8 Astronauts 
  • 8 Aliens 
  • 3 Blue rockets 
  • 2 White and gold rockets 
  • 2 White and red rockets 
  • 100 Stars 
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