Basic Shapes Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Basic Shapes Wall Decal

Looking for a simple shapes wall decal kit? Our Basic Shapes wall decal kit includes a variety of common shapes in a variety of colors for a captivating and educational environment. Featuring an assortment of colorful circles, squares, triangles, and other popular shapes, each Basic Shapes wall decal kit comes with everything you need to create a playful look for a child’s bedroom, nursery, or classroom. Simply peel off each decal and apply to a clean, dry wall — it’s really that simple. This is an ideal wall decal kit to help teach children about shapes, patterns, and colors. 

Each Basic Shapes wall decal kit features: 

  • 26 Red circles 
  • 26 Blue squares 
  • 26 Yellow triangles 
  • 26 Green hexagons 
  • 26 Orange arches 
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