Beach Pattern Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Beach Pattern Wall Decal

Make every day a beach day with our Beach Pattern wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of playful beach themed decals, our Beach Pattern wall decal kit brings summertime fun to your child’s bedroom year-round. Each Beach Pattern wall decal kit includes a cast of characters such as flamingos, palm trees, sandcastles, seashells, and a variety of beach toys to help you create a complete beachy scene that’s equally as perfect for rest and play. Each wall decal is self-adhesive and easily removable so that you don’t have to worry about any messy cleanup or residue. Made of premium quality die-cut vinyl for maximum durability and fun.  

Each Beach Pattern wall decal kit features: 

  • 6 sandcastles 
  • 1 Sun 
  • 22 fluffy clouds 
  • 3 floaties 
  • 3 shovels 
  • 3 buckets 
  • 4 beach balls 
  • 3 beach umbrellas 
  • 5 flamingos 
  • 6 pinwheels 
  • 4 palm tree trunks 
  • 12 coconuts 
  • 36 palm tree fronds 
  • 24 shells
  • 8 starfish  
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