Bunch of Balloons Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Bunch of Balloons Wall Decal

There’s no better way to spread cheer and happiness than with a bundle of balloons. Our Bunch of Balloons wall decal kit is a friendly reminder that every day is worth celebrating! Featuring one generous bunch of balloons surrounded by several other colorful companions, this wall decal kit makes decorating a hassle-free process. Perfect for baby nurseries or playrooms, each wall decal kit includes 13 self-adhesive balloon wall decals that can be easily applied to clean, dry walls. Simply peel off, stick on, and smooth over on the wall of your choosing. Each balloon wall decal is made of high-quality die cut vinyl to offer years of lasting aesthetic. 

Each Bunch of Balloons wall decal kit includes: 

  • 1 Large festive balloon bunch 
  • 2 Blue balloons 
  • 2 Gold star balloons 
  • 2 Orange balloons 
  • 2 Round teal balloons 
  • 2 Pink heart balloons 
  • 2 Purple balloons 
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