Hot Air Balloon Pattern Wall Decal

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  • $69.99

This Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit makes it easy to add a touch of whimsy to your child’s bedroom. Featuring an assortment of colorful hot air balloons floating amongst fluffy white clouds, our Simple Pattern Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit creates a dreamy atmosphere for nurseries, child playrooms, bedrooms, and more. Like all Cardboard Cutout Standees wall decals, each decal in this kit is self-adhesive, making decorating your child’s room a breeze. Concerned about removal? No worries – each wall decal is fully and easily removable, too! 

Each Simple Pattern Hot Air Balloon wall decal kit includes: 

  • 8 Red hot air balloons 
  • 8 Gold hot air balloons 
  • 8 Blue hot air balloons 
  • 8 Green hot air balloons 
  • 8 Coral hot air balloons 
  • 24 Fluffy clouds