Mermaid Pattern Wall Decal | Cardboard Cutout Standees

Mermaid Pattern Wall Decal

Transform your child’s bedroom into an underwater wonderland with our Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit. Featuring an assortment of beautiful mermaids floating gracefully amongst fish, seashells, coral reefs, and other marine life, our Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit includes everything you need to create your own aquatic fairyland. Each wall decal in this kit is self-adhesive and easy to apply — simply peel off and stick to any dry wall for seamless decorating. When it comes time to change the room’s design, you can easily peel off our decals without fear of any residue. Perfect for girls’ bedrooms, playrooms, and more. 

Each Mermaid Pattern wall decal kit features: 

  • 4 Purple hair mermaids 
  • 4 Pink hair mermaids 
  • 4 Blue hair mermaids 
  • 4 Gold hair mermaids 
  • 12 Green Seaweeds 
  • 8 Pink corals 
  • 8 Pink fish 
  • 8 Blue fish 
  • 4 Seahorses 
  • 4 Jellyfish 
  • 4 Purple seastars 
  • 2 small pink shells 
  • 2 small blue shells 
  • 2 large yellow shells 
  • 2 large purple shells 
  • 2 yellow hermit shells 
  • 2 purple hermit shells 
  • 2 pink snail shells 
  • 2 purple snail shells 
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