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Creative POP Display Merchandising

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POP displays are powerful tools, but they are only as good as their merchandising. Your product has to stand out and look good on the displays to encourage buyers to reach out and buy them. Sometimes, it helps to get creative and do more than a basic display showcasing your promo message and product. Consider the tips below to help you achieve effective merchandising that’s bold and unique enough to grab the attention of your consumer.

Offer a Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the best visual merchandising solutions out there. Many companies shy away from them because they believe they don’t result in an immediate purchase. However, some companies see incredible and instant success.

For example, imagine an interactive display that showcases your new product. With the push of a button, the display pops out a sample of the product – it could be just a small, single bit of the product in a neat package. The consumer pushes the button, sees the branding, learns about the product, and samples it. This gives you an instant opportunity to get them to buy. They love it, and they buy it.

Product Demonstrations - Show Customers How It Works

Product demonstrations help promote POP displays.

Counter merchandising displays are your friends. Think of the beauty counter at a drugstore, which features a few select products. Likewise, you have a handful of products you’d like to promote -a great way to do this is to create a POP display that communicates the differences between the products by offering demonstrations and samples.

Customers can see firsthand how your product works, what it feels like, and how to interact with it. This instantly encourages them to get and want more of it. Then, they buy it. Giving consumers the opportunity to try out your merchandise is a good way to build instant interest and connection.

Communicate Your Branding

Branding is as important to small businesses as it is to larger companies. Your brand is the image that a customer remembers when he or she needs a product or service. It’s the way people think, feel, and remember your company. Everything you incorporate into your marketing plan should have a strong element of your brand in it, whether it is coloring, characters, imagining, or something else. The end goal is that communicating your brand through your marketing helps customers remember you and come back to you time and time again.

If you’re a larger company and consumers already know your brand quite well, ensure it is a prominent component of your POP display. Point of purchase merchandising needs to communicate a message right away, and if the customer isn’t sure who is behind the product or what the product is, they are not going to spend more than five seconds looking at it. Yet, if they see your brand – a recognizable, comfortable household name - they are more likely to take a closer look. Use your branding recognition to bring them into the sale.

Showcase the Product’s Benefits

Another way to increase a POP display’s effectiveness is to focus on the product’s benefits and how it directly improves the customer’s circumstance.

Let’s say you want placement on the counter of a gas station. Is your countertop merchandise display solving a problem or providing some type of impact for your most likely buyer?

For example, if you are selling a product that can increase the battery life of a cell phone, your customer needs to know that it is going to help them keep their phone charged for their entire trip.

Are you selling a product for frozen door locks? Be sure to present this in a way that it solves their problem instantly.

Call Attention with Video

In some situations, time is on your side. In these cases, your point of sale merchandising should involve more than just a quick statement or a fun graphic. Allow customers to get more.

For example, some of the best interactive POP displays incorporate short videos. They don’t have to play on a repetitive cycle, but they can. The person watching them can then press a button to learn more.

When consumers are faced with making big purchase decisions (such as retail electronics), the more information you can provide them before they buy, the better. Show them clearly and quickly how and why your product is the best option. Illustrate the differences between products with interactive video displays.

Where Can You Get Started?

How can you be creative when it comes to the creation of your POP displays? If you are like most companies, you are interested in this marketing effort but unsure of the options available. That’s okay. With the help of POP designers and manufacturers, you can dive into solutions that help you communicate a specific message to your customers.

POP merchandising displays should be unique and interesting. They should incorporate some level of unexpected detail – whether it’s a cardboard celebrity standing in the middle of an aisle or an interactive spinning wheel giving a glimpse into all sorts of product options. Strive to come up with something new and interesting - this can make any POP display far more effective and beneficial to your consumers, and therefore your business.