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Once you decide that POP display is the best way to reach your customers, focus on the display design process. Even if you only have a rough idea of what your end goal is, it is essential to build from the ground up to create an effective, far-reaching campaign that resonates with your target audience. Often, this means starting with a concept, testing it out, and continuing until you find the right solution for maximum impact.

Beyond that, here’s what should go into your point of purchase design process.

Capture and Communicate Your Goals

In order for your point of purchase display design to be successful, you need to have established goals for sales and reach. Who do you want to reach? What do you want to sell, and how much of it? What message do you want to convey? What specific image, display, or interactive detail is going to help you to see these goals through?

For example, if you want to sell a software product, you need to have a display that provides a comprehensive amount of information that lays out exactly what it is customers are getting. On the other hand, if you want a consumer to be able to just pick up your product and go (because they already know it and want it), then having a shelf-based display system works well.

The design concept needs to clearly reflect what the goal is and effectively communicate it to reach the audience.

Work with Designers

Point of purchase display design can be a complex process. It takes a lot of creativity to stand out. While some products may sell themselves due to brand recognition or general usefulness, other products take more creative features. When you work with professionals for your point of purchase design, communicate to them what makes your product so effective, important and valuable. Then, let them help you come up with solutions that can work to reach your audience.

Choose Custom or Template Options

One of the decisions you need to make about your POP display design is how customized and innovative it needs to be. Generally, the more unique and customized a display is, the more attention it will get and the more successful it will be than traditional display systems that are used by many brands.

Consider external factors playing into your marketing campaign that could give your display a unique twist. For example, if a new movie is being released that could help bring attention to your product or brand, think about using it in a customized display - think life-size character cutouts. However, keep in mind that you may need to get the rights to use these characters or logos.

In other cases, your product may be self-explanatory. You just need a creative solution for displaying it. In this scenario, you may be able to get help from a point of purchase display template. Take a basic print and add it to the template to create a new version that fits your product and brand.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Do you have killer ideas for point of purchase displays? Work with a designer who can take those ideas and create a winning solution for you. They can create temporary or permanent POP displays to fit your goals.

Often, it is best to start with a point of purchase display design that is created digitally. This way, you can see how it works and how it will look before you print it. Once you approve a digital version, take the next step by creating a prototype - a type of POP display mockup that allows you to see what it will really look like when it’s standing in front of your customers. You can alter and adjust it to better fit your needs at this point.

Again, even if you are unsure what your POP display design should be, designers can help you flesh out ideas and come up with numerous options. By utilizing their creativity and your product knowledge, you’ll create something stunning.