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Point of Purchase Display Printing

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Once you realize the benefits that point of purchase displays offer, it is necessary to consider how best to have them printed. Display printing tends to be a bit more complex than what you may expect for your average sign or logo. Because these marketing displays are larger in scale and size, and they often need to be printed for numerous locations, it is important to choose a company that specializes in point of purchase printing.

Point of purchase display being printed.

The Importance of Getting It Right

Display board printing is one of the best ways to reach a large group of people ready to make a purchase within a retail location. Yet, if they do not fall in love with that product at the moment they see it, they will move on to another provider who can better meet their needs. That is why every detail has to be just right when it comes to point of purchase display printing.

Prior to reaching out to a company to handle your display board printing, there are a few things to work out to ensure your end goals are met. Then, be sure to speak to your display printer directly to ensure they can handle all aspects of the project.

Determine all Components Needed

Because most point of purchase displays will be seen from all sides, it’s vitally important that the printing be complex and complete. If you are using anything other than cardboard, it is important to ensure the company can provide all-side printing.

Finishing Solutions

Like any other type of printing project, the finish seals the deal. With POP display printing, you can choose from a number of different finishing options. Most of the time, displays can be printed with high gloss or matte finishes, depending on what aesthetic you want. It is important to discuss your printing options based on the type of display, location, and retailer needs.

Image Detailing

Images are most often used as a component in POP display printing, especially in large scale methods.

Though a very common practice, care still needs to be taken to ensure that printing display boards from images is done correctly, and no distortion is present. Use these image tips for large format printing to give you an idea of how to manage the process with success.

Something to keep in mind here is that the printer must have a high-quality image to create a superior finished product. As a result, it is critical that you use images created properly from the start for the large scale printing projects. Ensure that resolutions are perfect – for most large format printing, this means at least 2200 pixels in height.

If you are printing a large, life-size POP display that is shaped like a person, it’s especially important to control the photo environment (lighting, surroundings, etc.) when taking the original picture. Always take photos with a vertical orientation and fill the frame with the subject matter - you don’t want to have to use zoom any more than necessary. Also, make sure all parts of the person’s body are evident, including the hands and legs.

Use these additional tips for more insight into creating stunning photos of people for your POP display.

Create Solutions that Fit Your Needs

A pop up display printing company can do much more for you than just people-shaped POP displays. Ask them about banner display printing, for example, which can also fall into the area of large-scale printing. You may want to consider window display printing as well.

If you’re looking for something 3D (which most POP displays are) be sure to discuss the printing details of all sides, particularly if you are using materials other than cardboard, or if you are using a folding display. For instance, tri-fold display board printing is going to be a bit different from printing a countertop display in terms of the overall process, the images needed, the coloring, and even the finish.

The best printing companies work closely with you to ensure you get an outstanding final result. Keep the lines of communication open during the design and manufacturing process - your printer can provide insights, offer key solutions, and even help you avoid common pitfalls that can be costly and worrisome.

Be sure to talk about other needs, too, such as:

  • Waterproof designs
  • UV resistant printing solutions
  • Commercial quality inkjet printers that can handle repeated needs
  • Cut-outs of various material types

When you work with a printing company, you should get a customized solution that delivers exactly what you need. Don’t feel limited in the options you see available upfront. Ask questions. Your ideas to make your display innovative and unique can often be created with the right information sharing.