On the hunt for a unique way to amp up your next birthday party or Halloween party? Why not defy expectations with an event that’s truly out of this world? An alien theme can give your party an immediate boost, allowing you to surprise and delight guests with cosmic decor, treats, and activities. We’ve highlighted several fun ideas below. You’ll be amazed by just how fun the party planning process can be. 

1. Galactic Detour

An alien party is only as good as its decor, and ideally, you will set the stage with elements that make visitors feel as if they’ve entered a whole new galaxy. The decorating process doesn’t need to feel overwhelming; look to thematic wall decals or murals to form a visually impressive outer space backdrop.

Feel free to add plenty of cutouts depicting aliens, UFOs, astronauts, or even the solar system. Alien balloons, inflatables, and stickers are also fun. Lighting effects can bring an otherworldly feel to the party environment — so if you’re feeling ambitious, try adding glow-in-the-dark elements like string lights or glow sticks.

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2. Extraterrestrial Cuisine & Cocktails

Alien pretzels are a go-to, with green food coloring ensuring that these chocolate-covered treats look like Martians. Add round candies to create convincing and downright eerie eyeballs. For a somewhat healthier option, use Granny Smith apple slices for the alien heads, with marshmallows forming the eyeballs. Lime green jello can be placed in a mold or simply served as is. With a little ingenuity, anything from pizza to quesadillas can be cut into shapes such as planets or flying saucers.

Themed drinks can up the ante, so be sure to serve at least one or two tasty concoctions. Anything green is sure to please, and brighter is always better. Incorporate Midori and lime juice to create an enticing and eye-catching drink, or if you’re feeling daring, try absinthe. Other colors are also acceptable, and often, dark shades such as indigo create a deep space effect. Butterfly tea is a common option, and edible glitter will always amplify the effect.

Don’t forget to offer a few mocktails for younger attendees or anyone who simply doesn’t care to consume alcohol. Anything that includes Mountain Dew will be a hit among the kiddos, even if it means they end up bouncing off the walls. 

An alien designed cocktail glass.

“alien cocktail geocaching travel bug” by uvw916a is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

3. Interstellar Entertainment

You’ve set the stage for an excellent party, but ideally, there will be more to your alien event than food and decor alone. A few party games or activities will break the ice and get attendees interacting. The following options are especially entertaining:

  • Alien-themed scavenger hunt
  • Bowling with pins that look like aliens
  • UFO pinata
  • Spaceship crash obstacle course

If you prefer to keep things relaxed, opt for an alien-themed movie marathon. E.T. will be your go-to for family-friendly parties, but the Alien and Avatar movies are also worth playing. Any sci-fi favorite will get guests excited: Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Space Jam are great candidates.

Elevate the ambiance with a space-themed soundtrack. There are plenty of catchy songs that mention aliens and space, not to mention, soundtracks to several of your favorite intergalactic movies. If you’re struggling to create a playlist, add these favorites:

  • E.T. by Katy Perry
  • Aliens Exist by Blink-182
  • Alien Girl (Today W/Her) by Kendrick Lamar
  • Alien by Dennis Lloyd 

4. Alien Attire & Costumes

An alien theme can make for an amazing costume party, although you don’t need to wait for October to dress up. No matter when you schedule your alien-themed party, you can always encourage guests to show off their finest intergalactic fashions.

This could be as simple as wearing space-themed T-shirts, although outlandish alien costumes are always better. Specific aliens from popular culture are encouraged; costumes featuring the aliens from Toy Story, for example, are perfect for a family-friendly alien party, while creepier Area 51 styles may be preferred for an adult-oriented event. 

An alien costume relating to the 1979 movie, Alien.

“File:Halloween costume alien chestburster.jpg” by Nicemag, Lovebone Design is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

5. Alien Photo Booth & Props

Preserve otherworldly memories with a cosmic photo booth. Be sure to provide plenty of props so that, even if guests aren’t in costumes, they are able to transform themselves into Martians or even NASA astronauts. Cutouts make it easy to create props, which could include everything from planets to spacecraft. Decals and murals can form a uniquely vibrant and convenient backdrop, although guests will also love posing with face-in-hole cutouts. 

6. Cosmic Crafts & Activities

Games and movies are fun, but artistic guests may be eager to show off their creative side. Indulge them with some craft materials and instructions so they can create the ultimate alien keepsake. Simple materials are the most effective: use paper plates to create spacecraft, for example, or paper maché for terrestrial creatures. One of the most entertaining activities? Simply painting moon rocks. Decorate craft stations with vibrant tablecloths and cutouts depicting the aliens or UFO imagery that each project will produce.

Other activities may be more interactive. For example, face painting will turn any party attendee into an alien, although temporary tattoos are also a great option. A little neon body paint can up the ante for a glow-in-the-dark party, especially if you add alien-themed tracks and encourage guests to show off their most inspired dance moves.

7. Space-Inspired Party Favors

Thank your guests for visiting your intergalactic oasis with party favors that they will actually use and enjoy. Bendable alien toys should do the trick for family-friendly parties, while adult guests will be thrilled to go home with alien-shaped chocolates or candies (yes, they do exist!) or even bottles of the Midori that were used to create the party’s most popular beverages.

Personalized cosmic mementos are always appreciated, especially if they function as keepsakes to preserve treasured alien party memories. For example, space or alien-themed photo frames allow guests to show off images taken at the photo booth during the actual party. Other, more practical favors can be customized with the right label: chapstick and candles, for example, can take on a positively cosmic appearance with the right color and some clever text. 

8. Extravagant Alien Treats

We’ve already highlighted several thematic foods you can serve during your intergalactic party, but every party is better, of course, if it includes cake. A sheet cake adorned with bright green frosting or a Martian cake topper will be just the ticket: bold, vibrant, and definitely fun to eat. Alien cupcakes are also a blast, especially if they have futuristic cupcake toppers. Another distinct option is planet-shaped cake pops, which are sure to make an impression.

Think of these desserts not only as tasty treats but also as a centerpiece of sorts that levels up your already amazing party decor. Cardboard cutouts can always be placed near the serving area to add aesthetic interest if your preferred cake or treats are less visual. Don’t forget alien-themed plates and cutlery.

Cookies designed to look like alien eyes.

Launch an Alien Invasion with Cardboard Cutouts

You’ll be the star of the party when you plan an event that incorporates mesmerizing cutouts and decals. This is your opportunity to create a whole new world — one that’s as eerie, silly, or avant-garde as you desire. Look to Cardboard Cutout Standees to supply the best party decorations and supplies. You’re only limited by your creativity — so upload your favorite alien images and get started today.


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