Custom cutouts bring instant visual interest to any space. As the decorative jacks of all trades, they are amazing for celebrations, gifts, and even marketing initiatives. Much of their appeal lies in their versatility: they can be constructed from multiple materials and are also available in several shapes and sizes.

Deciding to invest in cutouts is easy, but it’s also important to work with a respected business that is fully committed to putting a smile on your face. After all: no matter where or how your cutouts are displayed, they are more likely to make an impression if they’ve been carefully designed and customized — and if the end result looks pristine.

As you take the next step and begin ordering custom cardboard cutouts, do your research. Look closely at customization options, reviews, and FAQs to get a better sense of how this process works and what you can expect when you receive your custom standee. To help, we’ve outlined the top factors you will want to keep in mind as you embark on this process. 

1. Size and Shape

Customer standees are available in all shapes and sizes. The maximum size available with Cardboard Cutout Standees: 9 feet 10 inches x 4 feet 9 inches. Larger cutouts may need to be scored and folded prior to shipping, but they will certainly make a statement. Smaller cutouts are also available, however, and with some, the height of the tallest subject may reach a mere one foot.

No cutout size is right for every situation, but life-size cardboard cutouts tend to be more visually impactful. Many customers prefer that cutouts depicting people are approximately the size of a ‘typical’ adult, or, perhaps, slightly larger. This makes them large enough to make an impression, but small enough to easily maneuver. 

2. Material and Durability

Cutouts can be constructed from several types of materials. Coroplast, for example, is a common solution involving a lightweight fluted plastic.

Cardboard cutouts tend to attract the bulk of the attention, and for good reason: they are versatile and affordable. These are best suited to indoor use, however, and you may need to upgrade if you demand premium image quality or intend to display your cutout standee outside.

Bubble-X plastic is a wonderful option when maximum durability is desired, as its surface is waterproof. If image quality is a priority, foam core may be your best bet. Featuring a uniquely flat surface, this material delivers sharper images that are guaranteed to pop. 

The different choices of materials for a cardboard cutout.

3. Design and Artwork

Cutout designs can vary dramatically. If you’re like many customers, you’ll stick with favorite images from your own camera roll. These don’t need to be fancy, but high-quality uploads are essential. You can also scan high-quality images that are not already on your phone and easily upload them as well. Favorite characters are fair game, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create a unique cutout that will get people talking.

For corporate events or trade shows, you’ll want to go official with a logo or brand imaging that pops and captures people’s attention. No matter where cutouts are displayed, however, editing services are worth utilizing. It’s possible to add images or make fixes such as removing shadows or getting rid of flash spots. 

4. BigHead or Standee

While cutouts can take many forms, they typically fall into one of a few main categories: BigHeads or life-sized standups. Which style you select will ultimately come down to how, exactly, you intend to use the cutouts — although you’re certainly welcome to order a few of each.

BigHead cutouts are handled directly by users, who can place these in front of their faces when posing for pictures or simply hold them up when cheering in a crowd. This is an amazing option for showing support during athletic events or other important moments.

Standees do not require as much active involvement, but instead, can be displayed in the background or used as photo booth props. Custom life-size cutouts such as head-in-hole cutout standees encourage loved ones to take on new personas and show off their silly side. 

5. Customization Options

You’ve selected the perfect size, material, and setup for your cardboard cutouts. Now, it’s time to add extra touches to make these really shine. Text, for example, can bring extra humor or sentimental meaning to any cutout. This can be added as a simple caption on an attached sign, or better yet, as a thought bubble or speech bubble. 

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6. Price and Budget

A high-quality cutout is always worth the investment but, depending on your budget for your event, you may only be willing to pay so much on BigHeads or life-sized standees. Thankfully, cutouts are often quite affordable. Factors that play into the final cost include:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Customization
  • Editing
  • Digital proofs
  • Shipping 

7. Quantity and Lead Time

Some people are happy to order just one or two cutouts to help their event pop, while others require several or even dozens to make an impression. Look for a cutout provider that can handle large orders if necessary or, better yet, work without a business that will provide special pricing for large orders.

Turnaround time also matters, and ideally, your cutouts will be produced and shipped quickly. Opt for a cutout business with multiple shipping options so you can select a timeline that works for you. Beyond this, you should feel confident that any order you place will be ready to ship in short order: ideally, by the next business day. Otherwise, you can also work with a cardboard cutout provider that is willing to accommodate rush orders. 

8. Event and Purpose

The why for your cutout order matters a great deal. This will ultimately determine who or what is depicted, the size of the cutout, and the preferred material. Think carefully about how you plan to order in the context of your event.

Birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and holidays are all fair game. Remember: a passion-driven cutout will always be more effective — the thought behind the cutout really does count.

A student at their college graduation with a BigHead cutout.

9. Quality Control and Reviews

As you order custom standees, you should feel confident that they will exceed your expectations. Reviews can provide valuable insight into other customers’ experiences, and, ideally, most will convey that they were thrilled with the quality of the cutouts.

Quality assurance is also a must, as this confirms that cutouts consistently arrive as expected: in pristine shape and with exceptional image quality. After you upload images and place your order, you can expect screening for quality to take place. Watch for Quality Approval emails, which indicate that the final print quality may not be acceptable — but this gives you a chance to fix the problem.

A picture of the reviews of the cardboardcutoutstandees website.

10. Shipping and Packaging

An otherwise amazing cutout can appear less than impressive if it suffers a haphazard shipping process. The cost of shipping also matters, particularly if you plan to order several cutouts. Again, this is where a cutout service with plenty of shipping options will prove preferable. Standees should be shipped in boxes, which provide extra protection. 

Why Cardboard Cutout Standees?

Cardboard Cutout Standees boasts an excellent reputation and plenty of satisfied customers from around the globe. We offer not only personalized cardboard cutouts for special occasions, but also wall decals and murals.

Upload your photo today to get started or feel free to check out our reviews, which should provide much-needed peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


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