Your BFF is ready to put a ring on it. You can’t wait to see her waltz down the aisle in her gorgeous gown. First, however, you’re ready to do it up with your squad. Your bachelorette party will be one for the books — especially if you incorporate cardboard cutouts. These versatile decorations will add instant pizzazz to the big night before the bride’s big day. Feel free to add these bachelorette cutouts to the mix:

Big Head Hubby

Add instant hilarity to your bachelorette party with a Big Head cutout featuring the bride-to-be’s future spouse. Bonus points if you can find the silliest possible picture of the aspiring groom. These will create a wonderful backdrop for your event. Party guests can also pose with them at various locations as you hit up all the hottest bars and nightclubs.

Groom Bighead.

Big Head Wifey

Don’t let your Big Head hubby get lonely; add a wifey to the mix for even more larger-than-life fun. As with the hubby bachelorette party Big Heads described above, these cutouts can accompany the bridal party throughout your bachelorette adventures. Why not have the wifey pose alongside the hubby version to provide a sneak peek at future marital bliss?

Bighead cutout of a bride-to-be.

Amp up the fun by investing in several Big Head cutouts, so each bridal party member can act as a wifey or hubby. Posed together, these cutouts will make for a bizarre, yet hilarious photo.

Life-Sized Bride Cutout

Big Heads can be funny, but they are by no means the only cutout design well-suited to a bachelorette party. Life-sized cutouts also work wonderfully — especially as general decor. Cutouts featuring the bride can pay homage to some of her finer moments as a single lady. Be sure to have her pose alongside these cutouts for a fun photo.

Bachelorette party with a bride standee.

Life-Sized Groom Cutout

The groom may not be able to attend the bachelorette party in person, but he can still be there in spirit — or in cutout form. As with life-sized bride cutouts, decorations featuring the future groom may highlight some of his most iconic moments during his bachelor days. Feel free to tone it down and include a more respectable photo for a bridal shower.

Standee of groom with bachelorette party.

Photo Booth Props

Capture special memories with help from a photo booth, where the bride and all her closest friends can pose for silly pictures. The booth can be adorned with life-sized cutouts for the backdrop. Guests may also pose with the aforementioned Big Head cutouts.

Beyond this, cutouts are hilarious as photo booth props. They’ll prove especially helpful for anyone who struggles to come up with a goofy pose at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget to add a diamond ring and plenty of gold glitter to create the perfect photo booth backdrop.

Bachelorette party with photo booth props.

Once you’ve decked out the photo booth, encourage guests to take several pictures in a variety of poses, exchanging cutouts each time. They’re also welcome to wear tiaras and other sparkly accessories. These images can be given to all attendees as bachelorette party favors.

Buff Guy Galor

If ogling hot guys is a central theme at the bachelorette party, you can’t go wrong with a Buff Guy Galor cutout. The Chippendale-style cutouts are sure to make an impression, especially if your party plans on hitting the town in search of handsome men. These make a fun addition to the photo booth described above.

Emoji Mommas

Emojis are a central component of your group texts, so why not add them to your bachelorette party decor? Emoji Mommas cutouts are sure to please. The concept is simple: size up your favorite emojis to form eye-catching Big Heads. Smiles, winks, tongue out — all should be added. Don’t forget the eggplant emoji, which is an essential for any bachelorette party.

Celebrity Candids

Is the bride-to-be reluctant to show off her face on Big Head cutouts? No worries; you can always highlight the guest of honor’s favorite celebrities. These are perfect for themed parties but can also be randomly included to add interest or humor to party decor. Face cutouts are perfect for selfies, but life-sized designs are also welcome.

Top options include:

  • Members from favorite boy bands — both current and throwback
  • Current or former celebrity crushes
  • Kardashian family members, Real Housewives, or other reality TV stars
  • Characters from the film Bridesmaids or other comedies the future bride enjoys

Cardboard cutout of Drake.

Funny Thought Bubbles

Level up your full-sized cutouts by adding thought bubbles that feature funny phrases or sentences. Inside jokes are especially welcome, particularly if most or all bachelorette party guests understand them. As such, cutouts with thought bubbles are preferred among smaller bachelorette groups, especially if you’re already close friends.

Bride and groom standee with thought bubbles.

If you’d like to incorporate thought bubbles but can’t settle on an inside joke, quotes from favorite movies or TV shows should work. Be sure that the bride actually likes the hits your cutout quotes reference. If you settle on this approach, be sure to add life-sized cardboard cutouts from the film or show in question.

Pin the Kiss on the Cutout

Both a decoration and a game, this unique option incorporates a cutout and a series of smooches that can be attached to it. The cutout could be the groom or the bride’s celebrity crush. Either way, the game forms an adult take on the classic pin the tail on the donkey. Participants should be blindfolded and instructed to give the cutout a big kiss on the lips. This just might prove one of the favorite bachelorette party games of the night.

Party With Cutouts from Cardboard Cutout Standees

When you take advantage of cardboard cutouts and Big Heads, your imagination is the only limit to creating the most memorable bachelorette party decor and photo booth. Take this opportunity to create a unique backdrop that reflects everything you love about the bride-to-be. She will be thrilled to see how much you care — and she’ll love to celebrate in style, surrounded by unique cutouts.

As you search for the best bachelorette party supplies, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn about our custom cutouts for bridal parties.


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