Name a day of the year, and you’ll almost certainly find some occasion to celebrate. Similarly, if you name a seemingly random concept, you’ll discover a specific holiday to correspond with that interest or activity.

Such is the case for photography, which gets its own special day every year. Known as World Photography Day, this pays homage to one of the world’s most fascinating and impactful artistic endeavors. Keep reading to learn how to celebrate World Photography Day — and to discover why it’s so important.

What Is World Photography Day?

Meant to recognize the artistry, science, and sheer passion that goes into all things photographic, World Photography Day is a special occasion that’s recognized on a global scale. This annual tradition attracts a lot of attention among professional photographers, although plenty of amateurs also enjoy getting involved. Businesses are increasingly inclined to participate, with some even offering special discounts on photography equipment for one special day.

When Is World Photography Day?

Celebrated annually on August 19th, World Photography Day is a cherished tradition all around the world. This date was originally chosen to reflect the specific day on which the patent for the daguerreotype process was provided by the French government as a wonderful “gift to the world.” This photographic process had previously been developed by the iconic Louis Daguerre.

7 Ways to Celebrate World Photography Day

At this point, World Photography Day remains a relatively niche holiday, although that is starting to change as major retailers get in on the action. Chances are, however, you won’t find noteworthy celebrations in your hometown — instead, it’s up to you to celebrate as you see fit. We’ve provided a few fun ideas to help you reflect on and share your love of photography.

Picture featuring a woman holding a camera.

“August 19: World Photography Day” by Juliana Coutinho is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

1. Reflect on Photography

No matter how photography fits into your life, World Photography Day provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on this important art form. Take this chance to view photos of all types: those you’ve taken by yourself, those snapped by famed photographers, and anything else that comes to mind.

Other options include visiting a museum with excellent photography exhibits or reading books about the history of photography. Commit to learning about the pioneers of photography, including not only Daguerre but also influential individuals such as Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

2. Embrace the Art

What better way to celebrate World Photography Day than to dedicate a few wonderful hours to your craft? Whether you’re a novice or highly experienced, you can always benefit from dedicated photography time. These ideas should help:

Learn About the Basics

Take this chance to enroll in a photography class or workshop so you can master all the basics. In-person classes are delightful, but you can also sign up for online alternatives. Otherwise, books, podcasts, and YouTube videos can provide excellent insight. Concepts and skills worth exploring include:

  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure
  • Aperture

Develop Skills Through Practice

Once you have a basic idea of what, exactly, goes into a quality photograph, it’s time to up your game. This is where the cliche “practice makes perfect” comes into play. Thankfully, practice is also where photography is at its most enjoyable.

Challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone on this special day or to focus on a specific technique that you’d like to improve. Ditch your usual selfies and try something a bit more daring.

3. Capture Meaningful Moments

Once you’ve gained a solid grasp of photography basics, you’ll be ready to put those concepts into practice. Opportunities abound, but your most accessible shots are available in your everyday life. Make the most of small moments, which you’ll treasure far into the future. Take photos of your loved ones, favorite natural environments, or seemingly simple objects that you’d like to explore in a new light.

A family jumping on the beach.

“Happy World Photography Day!!!” by VinothChandar is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

4. Share & Showcase Your Work

No matter how much experience you have as a photographer, your work deserves to be seen. Showcase it within your home, on social media, or anywhere else you think it will be well-received.

It’s natural to feel nervous about sharing at the outset, but you may be surprised by how positive the reception is, particularly when you let friends and family members in on your hobby.

If you want to improve your craft, sharing with fellow photographers is strongly advised, as these passionate individuals will be happy to provide constructive criticism. You can also up your game by getting involved in photography competitions.

5. Celebrate With Other Shutterbugs

The photography community is vast and incredibly welcoming — photographers love to share their work while providing much-needed inspiration for one another. Join a few online forums or social media groups, and you will quickly find that World Photography Day is a highly anticipated occasion. This is when photographers (who are already happy to share their work and their passion) are especially inclined to express their zeal for all things photography.

6. Give Back Through Photography

Photography provides numerous chances to make a positive difference. Sometimes, the best giving opportunities are the simplest: snap a few photos of people you love and develop them to create priceless memories. Once you feel especially confident in your skills, you can go to the next level and donate your framed photos to silent auctions or other special events, with the proceeds earmarked for charities and causes you find compelling.

Your skills can also be put to work for nonprofit organizations, perhaps by taking photos of events or volunteers for free. Another great option? Passing on your skills or equipment to those in need. Teach a photography workshop for teens or seniors, for example, or donate your camera when you’re ready to move on to a new DSLR or high-level digital camera. 

7. Preserve & Archive Your Photographs

You will want to enjoy your photographs in years to come, so put in the work now to ensure that they remain beautiful and accessible. Make multiple copies and place them in separate locations, such as hard drives, thumb drives, or on social media.

Digital records make it easy to view your favorites, but physical formats shouldn’t be abandoned altogether. Physical photos will be more susceptible to damage over time, but they are often more fun to view and show off.

Invest in archival-quality albums or storage containers, where you can feel confident that your printed photos will remain pristine. These should be protected from light exposure and dust — and when possible, they should be stored at a cool temperature.

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