The comic book world is thriving. In a few short years, comics have transformed from a primarily kid or teen-oriented medium to an all-encompassing empire that appeals to enthusiasts of all ages. Comics aren’t just for nerds or childish types anymore — they feel relevant to everyone. From blockbuster Marvel superheroes to the allure of anime, and, of course, well-attended events such as Comic Con, top titles dominate the pop culture zeitgeist.

If you’ve grown to adore this industry and are eager to make your mark among influential comic book creators, you’re no doubt familiar with the many opportunities and challenges currently found within the world of comics. Your potential audience is larger than ever, but so are possible sources of competition. Reaching new readers can be tough when they have so many excellent options available.

Within this highly competitive scene, a strong presence at each convention center’s artist alley is key. You’ll be amazed by how quickly this can transform your fandom. Your goal: to get potential readers excited about your work — and to keep current fans invested. As you grow your fan base and strive to sell more comics, look to these promotional solutions to get the word out:

Display Racks

When in doubt, let your comics or graphic novels speak for themselves. The phrase “selling a book by its cover” is a cliche for a reason: like it or not, that’s how many casual readers (and even committed comic fans) continue to make split-second decisions.

This is especially true when attending conferences and other events, where comic lovers are inundated with information. Often, a quick glimpse at a visually impressive display rack will be enough to convince them that your work belongs in their collection.

Cardboard Cutouts

Display racks are essential, of course, but you’ll want additional visual presentations to take your space to the next level. Your first and best solution for making a splash? Cardboard cutouts. These are not to be missed as you plan for an impactful presence at the next big comic convention. Full-size and BigHead cutouts are both great options.

Custom comic book character super hero standee.

Impossible to miss, cardboard cutouts can instantly bring the characters from your graphic novel to life. This is your opportunity to provide insight into your art style — and what sets it apart. These sizable displays can be viewed from afar, so visitors don’t need to make the extra effort of paging through actual comics to determine whether they find your visuals compelling.

Photo Stand-Ins

Turn comic convention browsing into an active experience with help from a photo stand-in. This display will convince visitors to interact on a more personal basis as they snap photos for their social media pages. Like the cutouts referenced above, stand-ins should include key characters from your comics — but with a space cut out where users can show off their faces.

Hole in head photo prop at comic book convention.

Don’t forget to provide a hashtag and get those who use your stand-ins following your page on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The more you can incorporate digital marketing into your photo stand-in effort, the further your reach.

Booth Banners

Easy to set up, booth banners are versatile solutions that get people talking. Use them to display your name, the titles of your comics, or even key quotes from your graphic novel. These are available in many sizes and styles, including retractable options that are easy to set up. Tabletop banners are also available; this type of signage can be helpful when you’re short on space and need an extra visual that’s easy to transport.


Attention to detail is critical for your display, so don’t forget about the tablecloth. This small adjustment can make all the difference — particularly if the table on which you intend to display posters or merch is at all scuffed or otherwise worse for wear.

Fitted tablecloths look sleek but aren’t ideal if you attend several events with different-sized tables. A black tablecloth is sufficient, but it’s always better to level up with a bold color that fits your brand. Better yet: customized tablecloths that display your title, logo, or evocative images from your comics.

Fun Merch

The right merch can complement the visuals you’ve carefully provided via cutouts, stand-ins, banners, and tablecloths. What’s more, merch helps you boost profits — and it allows you to continue to get the word out long after the event in question has ended. Opportunities for displaying and selling merch include:

  • Apparel. T-shirts and sweatshirts are easy to display, plus fun for fans to wear. Anyone who staffs your convention display area should also be decked out in these products to show how they look on a real person. Don’t forget accessories such as hats — or anything enthusiasts might need for cosplay.
  • Posters. Encourage comic book fans to brighten up their homes with fine art posters featuring top characters or scenes from your story. These should be prominently displayed so that visitors can get a full appreciation for the impressive visuals in your comics.
  • Stickers. Visitors who aren’t willing to invest in shirts or posters may still be inclined to spend a few dollars on stickers. These can also be a creative part of your convention display. Let attendees know where and how they can show off stickers — water bottles and laptops are top candidates.

Amp Up Your Comic Book Convention Display With Cardboard Cutout Standees

Whether it’s your first time at Comic Con or you’re a true veteran, the right marketing materials can make a world of difference. If you’re determined to attract attention, be sure to set up cardboard cutouts and photo stand-ins. You’ll be amazed by how quickly these get attendees talking.

When in doubt, heavily customized standees are preferable. These can be designed to reflect all that sets your comic creations apart. Contact Cardboard Cutout Standees today to get started with this straightforward process. We’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the final product is something you’re proud to show off.


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