Every spring, you adorn your space with bunnies, eggs, flowers, and all kinds of Easter home decor. If this is strictly limited to your interior, however, you’re missing out.

Your outdoor space also deserves a special touch, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Easter porch decorating ideas — several of which you can turn into easy, yet egg-citing DIY projects.


1. Front Door Makeover

If you want some Easter flair but don’t feel like tackling the entire porch, you can always do it up big with your front door or entryway. Decorative door covers are available for purchase, as are removable decals — some of which can be applied to the flat surface of any doors or windows if desired. For a simple solution, just hang a durable bunny-themed sign on your front door.


2. DIY Easter Wreaths

Who says wreaths are just for the winter holidays? They are just as lovely in the spring, when they can feature flowers or even plastic eggs. This is a fun DIY project that appeals even to the most craft-averse individuals. All it takes is a wreath form, a hot glue gun, and decorative elements that can be attached to said wreath. Get creative and show off your personal style.

3. Bunny Decorations

Encourage the Easter Bunny to visit your porch and hang around for a bit as you celebrate your favorite spring holiday. Ceramic Easter bunnies are simple and classy, while inflatable bunnies allow you to go big and bold.

For a fun DIY project, try an Easter bunny scarecrow that looks just like your favorite fall displays but adds long ears to the mix. When in doubt, a cutout version of the Easter Bunny is your best bet; not only will this bring a smile to anyone who visits your home, it provides the perfect opportunity to pose for pictures.


4. Easter Egg Decorations

Uniquely versatile, Easter egg decorations can take any form you desire. We’ve already discussed the opportunity to create an egg wreath, but eggs can also be hung from trees or shrubs.

Another fun option? Use egg-shaped solar lights to guide guests’ way down your walkway or along your stairs in the evening. Otherwise, keep it simple with Easter egg cutouts that will instantly add a pop of color to your porch.


5. Spring Flower Arrangements

No Easter setup would be complete without vibrant flowers, so why not use these as the basis of your spring front porch display? Depending on your location and when Easter takes place, you may even be able to plant all your early spring favorites in time for the big holiday. Otherwise, simple floral arrangements stored in a sturdy vase or even a watering can should do the trick.

Cut flowers may be acceptable in some climates, but artificial varieties in colorful flower pots are always an acceptable alternative. This is great not only for Easter, but also, as general spring porch decor.

Easter flowers on front porch.

Easter decorations, Frankfurt” by dmitryelj is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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6. Easter Basket Displays

Prepare for the ultimate Easter egg hunt with a basket that conveys one of the holiday’s most treasured traditions. This display is easy to create: choose a brightly-colored basket, pail, or terra cotta pot to fill with plastic eggs. If you have a green thumb, you can use this container as a planter for your favorite flowers. These can then be adorned with eggs, chick figurines, or anything else you find compelling.

7. Decorative Egg Topiaries

The concept of the tree as a statement piece should not be exclusive to Christmas. This can also be visually impactful for an Easter porch display. All it takes is a large foam cone, a glue gun, and several dozen artificial eggs. Glue the eggs to the foam cone, filling in any gaps with Spanish moss or pastel-colored tinsel. The completed display can be placed on an end table or within a decorative plant pot.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can up the ante with an actual topiary tree decked out in Easter colors and ornamentation. This take on the eye-catching Easter egg tree is a classy option, although fake topiaries are also available in every shape, size, and color imaginable. On a budget, a simple boxwood version can be created by poking a dowel through a boxwood ball and sprinkling artificial eggs. Again, a decorative pot will complete the effect to form an appealing porch decoration.


8. Outdoor Easter Signs

A simple sign should get the message across: you’re excited to celebrate Easter! As we’ve mentioned, festive signs can be attached to the door, although yard signs or even chalkboards can also work wonders. You can stick with the egg, bunny, or chick theme — or use this opportunity to share a faith-based message of encouragement.


9. Easter Garland

Whimsical Easter garlands make an instant statement on your porch and in your home. They’re easy to create on your own: use twine or ribbon to string colorful beads, fake flowers, or other weather-resistant decorations into a lovely design. This will give your porch an instant refresh and can be coordinated with many of the design elements highlighted above to amplify the effect. If creating your own garland feels like too much work, you can always purchase a pre-made design or even string fairy lights in pastel colors.


10. Easter Door Mats

Functional and whimsical, an Easter-themed door mat adds an unexpected burst of brightness to your front porch setup. This also encourages guests to wipe their feet and keep your home sparkling clean.

As can be expected, bunnies, eggs, and flowers are popular options for Easter door mats. Look for a non-slip, outdoor-friendly design that’s resistant to wear and tear. Some mats can even be personalized to include a unique greeting or your last name.


Celebrate Easter With Cardboard Cutouts

There’s a lot to love about the outdoor Easter decorations listed above — but if you really want to go all out, you’ll make a statement with Easter-themed cardboard cutouts. This solution is not only reasonably priced, but also, a lot less time-consuming than your typical DIY decorating project. It adds instant curb appeal, even before springtime flowers arrive.

Best of all, Easter cutouts are reusable. Simply opt for a rugged design, so you can continue to show off your favorite cutouts year after year. This will quickly become one of your most anticipated Easter traditions.

From cutouts to removable decals and murals, all the Easter decor you need is available through Cardboard Cutout Standees. Upload your favorite Easter images to get started, or reach out to learn more.


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