Nothing warrants a celebration quite like the return of spring. Easter parties are all about renewal, and nothing will make you and your loved ones more excited for a refresh than decor that feels fresh and festive. The centerpiece can play a huge role in the look and feel of your event, so don’t hesitate to add these gorgeous designs to your setup:


Traditional Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Keep it classy with a traditional Easter centerpiece that brings whimsical, yet refined vibes to your event. This is one of the best categories for DIY Easter decorations, many of which can be created with materials you already have in your home.

Rustic Easter Egg Candle Wreath

Wreaths definitely aren’t just for Christmas, nor do they need to remain on the wall. An Easter egg candle wreath will defy all expectations, bringing rustic chic vibes to your spring holiday setup. This style can take many forms but should begin with an outer ring of painted wooden eggs. These don’t need to be ornate; simple pastels should do the trick. Within this ring of eggs, place a simple glass dish featuring Spanish moss. Set aside enough space for a simple candle in a neutral color. Complete the rustic effect with a burlap bow.


Pretty Posies Egg Display

Deliver a fresh feel in time for your favorite spring blooms. This gorgeous centerpiece is just as cheery as the flowers outside. Again, you can paint your own artificial eggs or purchase pre-made ones at your favorite holiday or home decor store. Match the eggs with an assortment of silk posies or other favorite flowers. Use a simple wide-mouth vase to keep both the flowers and eggs contained.


Farmhouse Robin’s Nest Tabletop

Nothing says spring quite like robins hopping around your yard. Pay homage to this springtime essential with an egg-based centerpiece. Centered around the concept of robin’s egg blue, it’s incredibly easy to create: simply place light blue eggs atop a bed of hay.


Simple Spring Flowers Centerpiece

Simple and sweet, this floral centerpiece is a go-to when you’ve run out of elaborate decor ideas. Sometimes it’s better to go basic, and a collection of spring classics like tulips, daffodils, and snowdrops can work wonders adorning your Easter table.


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Modern Easter Centerpiece Ideas

There’s a lot to love about fanciful Easter table settings, but contemporary styles are preferred if your main goal is to establish a modern or minimalist aesthetic. With this approach, subtlety is the goal: you want your centerpiece to elevate the look while still maintaining a cohesive and streamlined effect. These unique ideas will keep your Easter display on-trend:

Easter tree centerpiece with decorations.

Easter Tree” by OakleyOriginals is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Mason Jar Spring Bouquet

Opt for a rustic chic design with this lovely bouquet centerpiece. It makes for an easy DIY project: round up all your favorite flowers and place them in a classic Mason jar. Whether it’s an assortment of tulips and daffodils, or more unique flowers like forget-me-nots, they’ll give off a warm, down home atmosphere when displayed inside a Mason jar.


Cherry Blossom Easter Egg Tree

Cherry blossom season signals a time of renewal. Bring this sense of hope into your home with a unique Easter egg tree in the style of a cherry blossom tree. Find a branch that feels delicate enough for a pristine Easter setup but is sufficiently sturdy to carry the weight of beautifully adorned Easter egg ornaments.


Mossy Path Egg Arrangement

A table runner helps present Easter dinner in a sedate and standard way. Spice things up with a path of mossy eggs that run the length of the table, bringing the best of the great outdoors into your home. This setup leaves plenty of room for creativity and personalization, so feel free to align the moss, eggs, and delicate branches as you see fit.


Charming Garden Bundle Arrangement

Spring decor calls for plenty of flowers — and a bundle of flowers fresh from the garden can make any spring table come to life. While there are technically no right or wrong flowers for an Easter centerpiece, this option brings unique garden vibes to the table with spring onions perfectly bundled together.


DIY Easter Centerpiece Ideas

If you love crafting and want to bring a personal touch to your Easter centerpiece, these DIY projects should do the trick. Supplies can be found at your favorite dollar store or home decor outlet.



Flora & Carrot Glass Vase

Don’t be surprised if you catch the Easter Bunny gazing in awe at this remarkable centerpiece, which will surely attract the attention of human guests as well. Created with real vegetables, this masterpiece involves an assortment of produce, flowers, and a bowl-style vase. Carrots form the stems of these unique flowers, which should be attached to the tops of the carrots and arranged artfully into a bouquet. Don’t be afraid to incorporate radishes or even Brussels sprouts.


Green Grass Easter Egg Dish

Easter crafts don’t have to be limited to bunnies, eggs, and flowers. Easter grass is also an integral part of any holiday tablescape. When in doubt, opt for a version that can hold an assortment of colored eggs. Sturdy material like painted cardboard or even toothpicks can serve as the grass — just make sure it’s rigid enough to hold a collection of eggs.


Springtime Terrarium Centerpiece

A perfect dining room table centerpiece for the nature lovers among us, a terrarium adds life and color to any occasion. The enclosure can be anything from the aforementioned mason jar to an old flower vase — anything large enough to hold copious amounts of plant life.


White Blossom Log Bundle Arrangement

You won’t need a multi-step tutorial to create this fun and easy DIY centerpiece. Simply stock up on white birch logs at your local crafts store before bundling them together with a piece of twine or two. This simple design may be understated, but it will still attract plenty of attention.


Edible Easter Terrarium Centerpiece

Make sure there are plenty of napkins on the dining table because it’s time to dig in. No, we’re not talking about a package of Peeps or jelly beans, but rather a terrarium bustling with an assortment of edible flowers, plants, and other greenery. Wheatgrass is a healthy option to include in any edible bundle.


Enhance Your Easter Decor With Cardboard Cutouts

There’s no shortage of creative centerpiece options for your Easter event, but your design will take another step up if you add cardboard cutouts to the mix. Upload your favorite Easter images to create a personalized display that will get guests talking. Get started today, or reach out to learn more.


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