You’re excited for the big game and ready to celebrate in style. Whether you’re hosting a football-themed birthday celebration, a Super Bowl party, or a casual game day get-together, you need a solid game plan to get your event on track. This means decking out your space with a variety of party favors, props, and cardboard cutouts. These will capture the spirit of the day and have your guests celebrating every touchdown.

Not sure where to start? Below, we’ve highlighted the most unique party ideas that you’re welcome to incorporate as you plan a fantastic football-themed event. Keep reading to discover the most unique party ideas — plus shortcuts to make the planning process a bit easier. 

1. Field of Dreams Centerpiece

The most important game day action takes place on the football field, so it’s only natural to recreate the gridiron and make it the perfect table centerpiece. Edible elements such as the goalposts, football helmets, mini footballs, and even the field itself will lead to plenty of fights over field position. Team-specific tablecloths and placemats should reveal your favorite team.

Floral center piece with football decoration.

2. Trophy Triumph

Football-themed parties allow for all kinds of cool table decorations, including miniature versions of the trophies won by professional and college teams alike. The NFL’s iconic Lombardi Trophy can be crafted out of napkins or other paper crafts — and awarded to the partygoer sporting the most vibrant team colors or the most memorable fan getup. Otherwise, former footballers can show off their kid-sized trophies, which should add an instant sense of nostalgia to the event.

Table decoration of mini football trophy.


3. Jersey Showcase

Invite guests to show off their favorite teams and players with authentic or customized jerseys. Get their jersey numbers ahead of time so you can create custom cupcakes featuring relevant numbers. A trip to the local thrift shop could reveal a wealth of old jerseys featuring football icons from the past. These, in turn, can be doled out to partygoers looking for a fresh fit.

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4. Game-Day Snack Stadium

A football field is the perfect shape to hold a variety of game-day appetizers and other snacks. A rectangular pan can serve as the gridiron, with a printable recreation of your favorite stadium acting as the placemat. Fill each end zone with salsa or nacho cheese — and watch as your guests score touchdown after touchdown with their chips. 

Table set full of football ready snacks.

“ingredients for spicy buffalo chicken nachos including cheese and jalapeno peppers on a counter and cutting board with hot sauce” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

5. Football Floral Finesse

While tailgate parties and birthday bashes provide great excuses to load up on football-related fun, plenty of other events could use a touch of gridiron regalia. Want to welcome the newest little football fan into the world? A baby shower packed with pigskin party favors will start them off on the right path. Helmet-shaped vases loaded with seasonal flowers are especially fitting if those flowers are available in team colors. Football mason jars are also a perfect container for a handful of fresh flowers.

Football centerpiece with flowers.

“Football themed centerpiece (Informal wedding reception)” by babybizcakes is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

6. Helmet Showcase

Helmets are a focal point of the game, so make them a big part of your football party decorations. If your party is scheduled during the football season, arrange an assortment of mini helmets in the order of the current league standings. Hide a treat or prize under each first-place team’s helmet — and offer a special prize for the first person to find it.

Football helmet decorated cupcakes.

“Football Helmet Cupcakes” by Kid’s Birthday Parties is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

7. End Zone Extravaganza

The goal of every football game is to spend as much time in the end zone as possible. Make that a reality for your party by designating certain areas as the end zones — where special snacks, games, and prizes can be found. Create replica orange pylons out of foam or other soft materials. Be sure to place them at the entrance and exit to your special end zone.

Football field decoration filled with chocolate covered strawberries.

“A half dozen football decorated dipped strawberries on a football field in a stadium” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

8. Football Candle Delight

Add a touch of charm to any football party by incorporating unique decorating ideas that incorporate candles. Scented candles can be found that feature the aroma of footballs, fresh-cut grass, or any number of tailgate party food staples. Paper lanterns emblazoned with your favorite team logos can also add a nice mix to the visual aesthetic of your get-together.

Football themed candle.

9. Interactive Playbook Display

Every football player needs a playbook to know exactly what to do on the field. Create a party playbook that lists all the snacks, treats, games, and other info guests need to make sure their party experience is a winner. Set up an old-fashioned blackboard and let guests diagram their own plays, complete with commentary from the peanut gallery.

Football playbook table display.

“09-06-09” by idovermani is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

10. Order a Custom Centerpiece

If all this football birthday party planning has got you feeling like you’ve just spent 60 minutes in the trenches, let Cardboard Cutout Standees take the ball and run with it. A custom football centerpiece can feature anything from favorite players and coaches to the colorful mascots who roam the stands. It’s a simple, low-cost option that will add some authentic football flavor to your party.

Football player standee at party.

Kickoff Football Parties with Cardboard Cutouts

As you finalize your game plan for the ultimate football party, pay attention to decorative details. The right centerpiece should tie everything together and make your party one to remember. If you want something unique but aren’t big on typical DIY projects, don’t worry: this is a great opportunity to make the most of custom cardboard cutouts.

The fun need not end with your centerpiece. There are plenty of other unique places to incorporate cutouts and other creative elements — as highlighted in our football watch party decorating guide. A variety of fun options are available from Cardboard Cutout Standees, including BigHeads, life-sized cutouts, and even removable wall decals and murals. The process is easy: just upload your favorite photos and add a few details about sizing and other preferences. We’ll take care of the rest. Get started today, or reach out to learn more.


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