The office no longer requires a commute. From freelancers to full-time employees, workers in all sectors and handling all types of positions now work from home. As such, attractive and comfortable home offices are more important than ever before — especially as employees replace traditional in-person meetings with video chats.

Decorating a home office can feel like a tall order, particularly if the office space was hastily thrown together out of necessity. Thankfully, a versatile easy-to-apply interior design solution is available. While it’s possible to create a wallpaper mural, many people prefer the practicality of the removable wall mural. Not only is this more affordable than many types of office decor, but it’s also easy to apply and remove as desired.

Simple or elaborate, high-quality removable office murals create an excellent backdrop for video chats, along with a productive environment that will keep you feeling optimistic and motivated.

10 Interesting Home Office Wall Mural Ideas

Deciding to apply a removable wall mural design in a home office represents only the first step in the decorating process. Next, it’s time to determine which images or styles are the best fit based on your job and your personal preferences. No single mural is ideal in every home office setting, but the best pieces make an instant statement. Keep these intriguing ideas in mind as you choose the ideal mural for your personal workspace:

1. World Map

If your job involves extensive travel or international, cross-cultural communication, a world map wall mural can convey your appreciation for — and love of visiting — many types of places. This type of mural can also prove surprisingly useful for both school and work. When you need to envision a specific location, you can pinpoint it right on the wall. Meanwhile, you’ll feel a sense of connection to the greater world, despite remaining in the comfort of your own home.

World map wall mural in a home setting.

“Printed World Map Vinyl Wall Sticker admired by our rattan furniture designers.” by Wicker Paradise is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2. Iconic Cityscapes

If you miss commuting downtown and feeling like a sophisticated professional, you can recreate the feeling with a cityscape mural. This can feature skyscrapers from your region or from a city you enjoy visiting. Either way, detailed city imagery will have you feeling cosmopolitan even when you’re hanging out at home in your sweatpants.

Beautiful city scape office wall mural.

3. Gradient

Bring a sense of movement to your space with gradient wall art. This creates a flowing feel that can give you a burst of energy when you need it most. A gradient look will make your home office feel more dynamic but can also promote a peaceful atmosphere.

4. Lush Forest

Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside with a wall mural that features a lush forest environment. This calming imagery will have you feeling relaxed regardless of the challenges you face at work or with your family life. While nothing beats time spent surrounded by nature, this lush forest mural is arguably the next best thing, as you’ll quickly discover once tree-based imagery adorns your home office.

Lush leaves wall mural in a home office setting with a chair and side table.

5. Ombre

Similar to gradient, ombre allows one color to flow into the next. Done right, this can have an instant calming effect. If you’re looking for a subtle way to up the ante for your home office’s design, ombre may be your best bet.

6. BoHo

If you work in a creative field such as graphic design, the trendy and appealingly eclectic BoHo look could be an excellent fit for your home office. This design will highlight your natural sense of style and may even help to spark ideas when you’re struggling to find inspiration. Don’t hesitate to go bold with an unusual look that shows off the best elements of your imaginative, fun-filled personality.

7. Brick Wall

Industrial chic is a big deal in many offices these days, with several featuring attractive brick walls. Bring this trendy look to your home with help from a brick wall mural. Simple, yet effective, this look is bound to make a statement in any office interior.

Brick wall that could be made into an indoor wall mural.

“brick wall” by Creativity103 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

8. Peony Love

Gorgeous flowers can bring life to any home office — even after a long day of staring at a computer screen. This particular mural takes this floral beauty to the next level by incorporating the stunning look of watercolor peonies.

Beautiful blossoming pink peonies.

“Peonies” by papaseraphim is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

9. Black And White

While a colorful mural can make your home office feel cheery, there’s something to be said for the simplicity of black and white design. Classy or spunky, black and white imagery builds a sense of contrast into any space in which it’s featured. As such, it’s the perfect fit for an accent wall.

10. Create Your Own

While the murals highlighted above are all gorgeous in their own way, there’s something to be said for taking on a more original approach. This could feature imagery that’s highly relevant to your industry or reflect your unique personality. From elaborate floral designs to simple textile-inspired patterns, DIY home office murals provide a personal touch that your clients and coworkers will find appealing.

As you develop a custom mural for your home office, be sure to submit high-resolution images. If needed, you can find a variety of excellent images via Pixabay, iStock, Shutterstock, and many other resources. These will form the basis of a gorgeous office backdrop. Additionally, precise cutting will ensure that the final product is the exact size you desire. The end result will be a professional-looking office — without the cost of hiring a professional interior designer.

Ready to exercise your creativity and develop gorgeous wall art for your office? At Cardboard Cutout Standees, we’re pleased to offer an easy process for creating custom wall murals. We’re excited to see your creativity come out as you develop a mural for your home office. Contact us today to get started with the exciting home office design process.


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