Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and a much-anticipated opportunity for backyard relaxation. Despite your usual traditions, however, there’s far more to this important holiday than filling your long weekend with BBQ.

Sparked by the activism of the late 1800s and early 1900s, this annual occasion reminds us of all that American workers have contributed to our great nation. The best way to celebrate, then, is to take a break from all your usual hard work and remember just how far we’ve come.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with honoring long-held Labor Day traditions, such as the aforementioned backyard barbecue. If the goal is to relax, however, you won’t necessarily want to get too carried away with the planning process.

Yes, fun decor and delicious food are important, but so is your well-being. To that end, we’ve highlighted several Labor Day party ideas that are easy to pull off but still bound to impress your guests. 

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5 Labor Day Party Decoration Ideas

Decorating for Labor Day should not be stressful. Keep it fun with our simple ideas, which will give your party the ultimate end-of-summer vibes while encouraging your guests to kick back and enjoy Labor Day Weekend in style.

Several of these resemble Independence Day decor, but that’s why they’re so ingenious — you can reduce your planning and spending by simply adjusting a few key aspects of your patriotic party setup. 

1. Patriotic Decorations

Decor in red, white, and blue is always a wise choice for celebrating the dedicated American workers at the center of the Labor Day concept. Don’t be afraid to once again show off the same color schemes or even the very decorations that adorned your 4th of July or Memorial Day bash.

A few small tweaks can make these Americana details feel fresh. For example, if you previously used decorated Mason jars for centerpieces, feel free to bring them out again — but fill them with a new item: flowers, tiny American flags, or brightly-colored candies. 

2. Outdoor Themes

If you’re planning a backyard BBQ or picnic, opt for nature-inspired styles that amplify the unmatched beauty of the great outdoors. A rustic party will feel especially cozy and can even help to usher in the upcoming transition from summer to fall. Look for decorations that incorporate pine cones, flowers, or pictures of woodland creatures.

With an outdoor party, the activities are as important as the food and the decor. Be sure to provide cornhole, bocce ball, and other yard games to keep guests entertained. Custom cutouts can also form the basis of fun outdoor activities: pair them with outdoorsy props for a fun photo booth or use them to reveal which games or events will take place where. 

3. Nautical Vibes

Bid farewell to summer with a beach or seaside party. You don’t have to actually live on the coast to pull off this concept, although it definitely helps if you have a pool. Even without water access, however, the right accessories can bring the beach to your own backyard.

From anchors to seashells, a variety of images and motifs can form the basis of this compelling theme, which should also include a simple color scheme of nautical blue and white.

Drink selection also matters; colorful or tropical beverages will be highly appreciated. You can also get cute with the appetizers: try deviled egg sailboats or flip-flop cookies for a casual event. Finally, encourage guests to dress in their finest nautical attire: boat shoes, blue-and-white stripes, or even yacht captain or sailor hats. 

4. DIY Crafts

American flag pinwheel for Memorial Day.

If you love crafting but struggle to find a way to use all your handmade decorations, you’re in luck: Labor Day provides the ultimate opportunity to show off the fruits of your crafting labor.

Simple DIY signs, flags, or wreaths are sure to draw the eye. A personalized banner is a great option for giving your party a cohesive feel. Keep it simple with a “Happy Labor Day” message — or get creative with a pun or unique summer sendoff.

Perhaps you like the idea of a personalized display but struggle with conventional DIY projects. No worries: you can always use your digital skills to produce something just as meaningful. Cardboard cutouts are a great option, particularly if they amplify the spirit of Labor Day and pay homage to the hardworking individuals who make our nation great. 

5. Food and Drink Displays

Dining is often at the center of Labor Day parties and, if you do it right, this can be just as visually appealing as the rest of the decor. Themed treats are always a hit, especially if they feature patriotic colors or concepts. Select vibrant foods that abide by your color scheme.

Set up displays complete with patriotic imagery, such as a flag-themed fruit tray featuring skewers. The right dinnerware, napkins, and tablecloths can also make a world of difference, so select something colorful that fits the theme. Add centerpieces or other table decor to make the meal feel like a special occasion. 

Safety Considerations

As you plan an amazing Labor Day party, keep safety at the forefront. This might seem like a time to go all-out as you bid summer farewell, but remember: you can go big while also protecting your guests. Follow these simple safety tips to keep hazards to a minimum:

  • If you’re planning a grill-based cookout, make sure that somebody is always there to man the grill. Place this away from your home and away from children’s activities. A spray bottle and a fire extinguisher should always be nearby.
  • If possible, skip the at-home sparklers or fireworks and find other creative or colorful ways to celebrate. If fireworks are a must, set up a carpool to head to local fireworks shows, which are often scheduled for Labor Day festivities.
  • Make a backup plan in case of severe weather conditions. This might mean heading indoors to avoid excessive heat or thunderstorms. Keep some extra home decor on hand so that, should you head inside, the party still feels like a special occasion.

Take the Labor Out of Labor Day

Are you excited for Labor Day and eager to plan a party that will get your guests talking? When in doubt, look for impactful Labor Day decorations that require minimal effort.

This is where Cardboard Cutout Standees shine. Our life-sized cutouts are perfect for your Labor Day bash, as they make an impression but are easy to order. Simply upload a photo and choose a few personalization details — we’ll handle the rest. Get in touch today to learn more.


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