Meaningful memorials are an essential part of the grieving process. From funeral ceremonies to burials or even casual visitations, a variety of opportunities allow loved ones to take comfort as they share special stories or memories.

Unfortunately, planning and executing a memorial can be incredibly stressful. First, there’s the struggle of planning a major event while also mourning. Next, there’s the obligation of capturing a fully-fledged personality within a single event. Decorating, in particular, represents a huge challenge. Often, decorative displays just don’t reflect what it was like to know and love the person in question.

One potential solution to this problem? Using cardboard cutouts as decorations for a memorial service or celebration of life. These versatile and cost-effective displays help to illustrate the essence of a loved one. Below, we’ll explain why memorial cardboard cutouts are so valuable and how they can be used to pay homage to the people who have uplifted and inspired us.


Memorial Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard cutouts are often featured at birthday parties and other cheerful gatherings, but they can also be highlighted in more difficult circumstances, such as memorial services. In these situations, images are enlarged and carefully cut to form a realistic portrayal. They provide a vibrant snapshot of the featured person’s personality, interests, or general vibes.

Although cutouts are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles, life-size cutouts that are true to the original image may be the most respectful and impactful option for displaying within a funeral home or church.


Benefits of Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

The desire to examine old pictures is perfectly natural during a memorial — but photo albums or poster boards only go so far. Often, these are only accessible to a few people at a time. Slideshows help, but frustrating limitations could make it difficult to display these when or where they are desired. Other types of decorations are simply too expensive or too time-consuming to develop.

Life-sized cutouts serve as a wonderful alternative, providing meaningful decor while also forming a powerful tribute to the person who has passed away. Depending on which images are selected, these cutouts can bring a lifelike quality to photos that might otherwise be forgotten. They can shift the focus of the memorial from exclusively grieving and instead form an opportunity to truly celebrate all that made a particular person special.

Life-sized cutouts are also incredibly versatile. They can feature a variety of different types of images, which can be displayed in many settings or situations. What’s more, they are appropriate in multiple locations.

For example, the same cutout may be displayed one day during a casual visitation and then placed in a visible location during the ceremony. Following funeral services, cutouts may function as an appreciated keepsake for spouses, parents, children, or close friends.


Examples of Memorial Cutouts

No one approach to designing or displaying cardboard cutouts is ideal for every memorial. These accessories are at their best when they are carefully customized to honor the unique personality of the individual in question. They should capture what was special about this person — and what others will look back on when they remember this individual in the future.

The need for customization shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it can still be difficult to come up with creative ideas. To help, we’ve highlighted a few basic options below, as well as opportunities for adapting them so that they’re especially impactful:

Favorite Hobby

How did your loved one enjoy spending his or her free time? From sports to crafts, a variety of activities can be featured in hobby-based cutout images. These should provide an instant impression of the person’s interests and general demeanor. Hobby-related photos are some of the most interesting to observe, so don’t hesitate to include multiple cutouts that exemplify important pursuits.

A memorial standee.

“George passed away, but he still lives.” – Graham M.

Funny Candid

While many cardboard cutouts feature posed images, there’s something especially memorable about candid pictures. After all, we often only let down our guard when we don’t realize that we’re in front of the camera. As such, there is a lot of value in candids, which show the down-to-earth moments that a portrait is often unable to capture.

Standee at a celebration of life.

My older sister with our little sister’s standee at her Celebration of Life on Saturday.” – Becky M.

Any kind of candid will be appreciated during a memorial, but lighthearted images are the best. Did you ever catch the memorialized person in the act of doing something especially silly? Such images are bound to bring smiles to the faces of grieving attendees.

Youthful Memory

What was the person who passed away like as a child or adolescent? In all likelihood, many of the people who attend the memorial will have few (if any) memories from these earlier periods of life.

The right cardboard cutouts can provide a more well-rounded impression. Additionally, these cutouts will be valued by close family members who have not reflected on special childhood memories in a long time.

Youthful memory memorial cardboard cutout standee.

It was fabulous, used it for a memorial service! – Sue W.

Just Married

Was the person you’re remembering married? Their wedding day was probably a special day that both partners looked back on fondly. It’s certainly an occasion that should be memorialized and one that many people at the funeral might also remember and cherish. Getting a cutout of when they were just married or of a milestone anniversary is a great opportunity to highlight a special moment in that person’s life.

Find high-quality wedding images and use them to create heartwarming cutouts that tell the story of the person’s marriage. This is an especially meaningful gesture for a grieving spouse, who will appreciate the reminders of happier times.

Military Member

Did the deceased individual serve in the military? This sacrifice should be honored, as military service arguably was one of the most impactful parts of this person’s life. Military homages are especially important for honoring those who died in combat — or of illnesses or conditions related to their service.

Recent Moments

From special birthday celebrations to vacations or even ordinary activities, a variety of recent memories deserve recognition. The person at the center of the memorial likely lived a full life not only years ago, but also, shortly prior to passing away.

In all likelihood, this person would want to be remembered based on these important moments. Take a close look at photos from recent occasions and choose one or two in which the deceased person seems especially joyful.

Memorial standee at a celebration of life.

Memorialize Loved Ones With Help From Cardboard Cutout Standees

Do you like the idea of paying homage to loved ones with help from memorial cardboard cutouts? The team at Cardboard Cutout Standees can help. We can assist you with developing realistic and respectful cutouts that pack an emotional punch. Contact us today to learn more.


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