Most kids go through space-loving phases, when they desire nothing more than to blast off and explore every corner of the universe. For some little astronauts, however, this is more than a phase — it’s a way of life. These enthusiasts deck out every part of their wardrobe with space gear. They’d be thrilled to call a space-themed bedroom their own.

This is an exciting opportunity for both parents and kids to broaden their aesthetic horizons. At the outset, however, this project can feel as vast and difficult-to-understand as the very solar system a space-themed room aims to represent. To help, we’ve highlighted some of the most compelling ideas for creating a space-themed kids’ room, plus options for streamlining this makeover in case your child’s space obsession doesn’t last long.

Choose a Bedroom Design Theme

Space as a bedroom theme is nearly as vast as space itself. It encompasses not only all the stars and planets, but also the space shuttles humans use to navigate all this — not to mention astronauts (both modern and historic), meteors, and humans’ takes on the constellations.

The possibilities are even greater if you cross over into the realm of fictional space. Many of today’s hottest books, TV shows, and movies are all set in space, providing a myriad of options for decorating your kid’s bedroom or playroom. Choosing early on will keep you organized throughout the entire process.

Add Space Wall Decor

Wall decor will make the biggest splash in your child’s space-themed room, so it should be a central component of your plans. Give these fun ideas a try:

  • Create an accent wall. Space as an all-encompassing bedroom element can feel a bit overwhelming. Instead, consider building contrast into your child’s room with help from an accent wall. The right color — black or dark blue — is essential, of course, but you’ll also want to add decorative elements to make your accent wall look like the starry sky. This can be accomplished with paint or wallpaper, although a removable wall mural may be the safest option if you want something easily customizable.
  • Apply decals or removable wall murals. If you like the idea of a space-themed bedroom but aren’t 100 percent sure that your child will be passionate about space long enough for this makeover to remain desirable, consider using removable decals or murals instead. These custom accessories can instantly transform the look and feel of any room without requiring a long-term commitment. Your child can even choose where to apply the decals and when to remove them. This is the perfect opportunity for getting the entire solar system on your child’s bedroom wall.

Kids room with solar system wall decal.

  • Get nostalgic with glow-in-the-dark stars. Once upon a time, glow-in-the-dark stars were a key element in all the coolest kids’ bedrooms. They still work wonderfully for emulating the night sky. Your kid can play a central role in choosing where they’ll be located — and applying them.

Try Space Themed Furnishings

Once you’ve decorated the walls, it’s time to furnish your child’s space room. Fun options worth considering include:

  • Space shuttle bed. This works well for either a standard toddler bed, twin bed, or bunk bed. Be prepared for a major DIY undertaking — but one that will pay off in the form of a very excited little kid. Otherwise, a few space-themed bed frames are available for purchase. If you’re unable or unwilling to transform your child’s entire bed into a space shuttle, consider space-themed comforters, pillows, or sheets instead.
  • Space-themed beanbag chair or upholstery. From armchairs to classic beanbag furnishings, space themes can be incorporated into many types of bedroom seating. If there’s enough room, consider setting up a space-oriented reading nook, complete with a thematic chair and a bookcase with plenty of titles about your child’s favorite topic.
  • Rocket lamps. Don’t forget light fixtures. Bedside lamps, in particular, allow your kids to get creative. Novelty table lamps that resemble the moon are also available.

Get Playful With Space Toys

Build on the space theme by prominently highlighting toys that portray astronauts, aliens, or anything else (real or fictional) you might expect to find in space. Stuffed toys are preferable for a younger child’s bedroom, although they can also make a tween or teen’s room feel cozier. Don’t forget a space-themed toy box or chest to keep all those playthings organized.

Older kids may also enjoy displaying space-oriented Lego sets or models of spaceships. Anything they can build themselves is perfect, although pre-made toys and accessories are also fun to show off.

Those who love Star Wars or Star Trek will be eager to display characters or themes from these franchises. What could be better than Chewbacca or Baby Yoda in your child’s bedroom?

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Things to Consider

Now that you have a basic idea for how you might like your child’s space-themed bedroom to look, it’s time to get into specifics. Keep these suggestions in mind as you proceed:

  • Babies versus children. Bedroom decor may look dramatically different for a space-themed nursery as opposed to a room for older children. While both types of rooms can benefit from strategic paint or decal selections, there are more opportunities to safely accessorize rooms for older kids with toys, pillows, and specialized furniture. With babies and toddlers, however, safety should be a chief consideration.
  • Child preferences. When possible, take your child’s preferences into account. Is your child particularly fond of certain space concepts — or fearful of others? For example, your kid may be fascinated by stars and planets but afraid of aliens. Color selection can also be dictated by your child; space-themed decor has a far greater palette than you might anticipate.
  • Budget. The cost of your space-themed decorating efforts can vary wildly depending on how you decide to approach this process. DIY solutions have the potential to be extremely affordable, but you’ll want to compare products closely.

Cardboard Cutout Standees: Space Decorations That Are Out of This World

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