The moms in your life are true superheroes. While they deserve unreserved praise throughout the year, Mother’s Day provides an amazing opportunity to shower them with love and remind them that they’re appreciated.

This can certainly be accomplished with beautiful bouquets and breakfast in bed, but the best moms will be most impressed by unique, highly personal surprises. When in doubt, opt for customized keepsakes that show you’ve made an effort. We’ve highlighted a few of the best gifts below:

1. Personalized Jewelry

Sparkly jewelry is always a winner, but don’t expect your mom or sweetheart to be impressed by a generic-looking design. Instead, emphasize personalization above all else.

Therein lies the enduring appeal of charm bracelets or gemstone necklaces that highlight important birth months. If you want to get even more creative, try an engraved piece that includes a special message. The classic locket is a perennial favorite among new moms, and for good reason: even in an age of countless cell phone pictures, there’s something special about knowing that favorite photos rest right next to mom’s heart.

2. Personalized Home Decor

Speaking of personalized: while this is an expected component of Mother’s Day jewelry, it’s less common for home decor. If your mom or partner is obsessed with interior design, you can contribute to the effort with wall art or other decorative elements that exemplify the budding designer’s signature aesthetic.

If, for example, your favorite mom adores throw pillows, select one exactly to her liking to add to the stack. It will be even better if it incorporates a personal message or an embroidered monogram. For a fun option that’s especially easy to apply and remove, try personalized decals or wall murals.

3. Photo Gifts

Have you ever noticed that, even when they get much-needed time off, moms find themselves gazing at photos of their beloved children? Indulge them in this tendency by providing every opportunity to show off pictures of their loved ones. These days, this is easier than ever, with photo gifts going beyond the expected photo cubes, calendars, or even coffee mugs.

Name the object, and there is almost certainly a way to add a silly or nostalgic image to the mix. Most moms will be especially pleased with quirky socks or the aforementioned locket, complete with cute pictures of their kids or grandkids. Photo blankets and canvas prints are also excellent options.

4. Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Relive special memories with cardboard cutouts that convey just how special your mom or sweetheart truly is. Cardboard cutouts featuring her beloved children will be even more appreciated.

For a lighthearted gift, cardboard cutouts could also highlight silly moments or even provide the ‘gift’ of your celebrity crush. What mom could stifle a smile upon waking up to a Ryan Gosling cutout?

Mother's day cardboard cutout gift.

5. Unique Experiences

Sometimes, a powerful memory can be a far greater gift than the most luxurious items. Many experiences are appreciated but also expected: brunches, for example, might not be as unique as desired. Get creative with an outing that an extra-adventurous mom would not think to plan on her own.

Thrill-seekers may appreciate the opportunity to go white water rafting, rock climbing, or even skydiving. Other moms may prefer concert tickets or might be excited to get a new tattoo. Think carefully about the recipient’s interests, and don’t forget to offer childcare if her busy schedule typically keeps her from treating herself to new experiences.

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6. Customized Clothing & Accessories

We’ve already gone into detail about personalized jewelry, but what if your favorite mom rarely wears earrings, necklaces, or other sparkly pieces? This shouldn’t keep her from feeling fashionable or downright fancy. Perhaps the right clothing item or accessory will be used more frequently: a cool pair of shades, for example, or a cute tote bag.

Go for a customized look that demonstrates that you understand her fashion preferences. Again, tasteful monograms can be a great option, as can images that reflect personal hobbies or interests.

If you opt for clothing, be careful about sizing; any items you select must fit perfectly, or you risk making your favorite mom feel uncomfortable or unconfident. Personalized options abound on Amazon, but this is also a great chance to make the most of local businesses or tailors.

7. Personalized Kitchen Items

Does the mom of honor think of herself as a top chef? While she definitely deserves to be treated to a meal that she doesn’t need to prepare on her own, you can also make her future meal prep efforts a lot more enjoyable by providing personalized tools or equipment for the kitchen.

Cute aprons add a touch of whimsy and charm to any baking session, while an engraved cutting board can provide a much-needed reminder about how much your mom means to you.

Almost any kitchen item imaginable can be personalized in some way, including measuring cups, baking pans, and towels. As always, Etsy is the price source of personalization, although local businesses or trusty Amazon can also provide the customized products you need.

8. Personalized Beauty Products

Leggings and a messy bun may be the modern mom uniform, but many mothers still like to doll themselves up from time to time. Refreshed makeup products may be needed, however, particularly if your favorite mom hasn’t gone on a cosmetic shopping trip in years.

Start with accessories such as organizers, mirrors, or brushes, all of which can be decked out with mom’s name or a special quote. Even a simple ‘I love you’ will do the job.

Cosmetic products themselves can also be personalized. Add an engraving to a lipstick or perfume bottle — or better yet, create a unique color exactly to the recipient’s liking.

9. DIY Gifts

Do-it-yourself gifts may not always be the fanciest, but they can be the most meaningful. Crafts made by little kids are particularly memorable and will surely be treasured for years to come.

Feel ambitious? Why leave the DIY fun to the kids? You can also harness the power of DIY to impress any mom. Many crafts can be completed with supplies you already have at home, although it’s certainly worth your while to invest in high-quality, beautiful materials. Options worth trying include:

  • Terrarium
  • Picture frame
  • Front door wreaths
  • Homemade soap
  • Bedazzled plant pots
  • Wine cork art
  • Stained glass decor
  • Pencil case

10. Gift Baskets

When in doubt, baskets that reflect favorite indulgences should please any mom. Wine lovers, for example, will love a luxurious bottle of red or white, plus etched wine glasses or tumblers — and don’t forget cheese or chocolate for pairing. Movie buffs might prefer the chance to enjoy a special film at home; a Blu-Ray, popcorn, and cozy slippers should get the message across.

Show Mom You Care With the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

On the hunt for custom Mother’s Day gifts that will make this holiday extra meaningful? Whether it’s the recipient’s first Mother’s Day or 30th, thoughtful gifts will make her feel special, particularly if they’re personalized.

Cardboard cutouts and removable decals are excellent options for not only Mother’s Day, but also, as birthday gifts, on Valentine’s Day, and so much more — so don’t hesitate to upload meaningful photos on the Cardboard Cutout Standees website. We’ll streamline the process so your perfect gift is ready in no time. Reach out today to get started.


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