Have you been trying to figure out how to decorate your kids’ rooms? If you’re a renter, you might not have permission to paint the walls or put holes in the plaster so you can hang things up. Even if you own your home, you might not want to go through the hassle, effort, or energy necessary to do those things. Fortunately, there is another way to add pizzazz and personality to your children’s rooms without expending a bunch of money or energy (and without damaging the surface of the very walls that keep your little ones safe and secure).

This is where wall stickers or decals for kids’ room decor come into play. Thanks to the fact that they’re super easy to apply—and completely removable—you now have the freedom to go crazy and decorate to your heart’s content without the worry of damage or detriment to your interior spaces.

Removable wall decals for kids’ rooms come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. You can use pastel colors for nursery wall decal designs or princesses, dinosaurs, and anime options for older kids. No matter what your child is into—and whether you’re decorating a girl’s room or a boy’s—your little one will love their new space when you give them wall art that was designed with them in mind.

Picking a Kids’ Bedroom Theme 

With so many wall decor options available, how will you even know where to start? Well, one great idea is to involve your child in the brainstorming process as you embark on your DIY decorating journey. You can use this time to bond with your child and take the opportunity to learn more about his or her likes and interests. It’s a great way to open up discussions and engage with the things your child likes to learn about. Use them to create an immersive room. Choose decals that take your child to a special place. Your child has an incredible imagination, and this is the time to dip into that creativity and fulfill their worlds of fiction with a real-life setup.

Still, need a little direction? Here are some stick wall decals you might want to think about integrating into the theme of your kid’s bedroom:

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Welcome the Jungle Animals

What do you get when you bring a giraffe, a monkey, and an elephant together? Well, if they’re not out in the wild, you might get a pretty cramped space. But if you’re just looking for kids’ room decorating ideas, this combination is the perfect start to a jungle-themed bedroom.

Space Odyssey

Let your child’s imagination soar to new heights and literally go out of this world by creating a personal space that’s designed around outer space.

A dark accent room wall serves as a great foundation for Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s notorious red spot. Pair your planetary creation with a backdrop of shooting or dark stars and solar system elements to round out an experience that’s designed to invite exploration.

Dino Adventure

Put a few strategically placed tree wall decal stickers in a way that sets the backdrop for your kid’s dino friends to have an adventure. Use various types of dinosaurs to really bring in the prehistoric feel of days gone by.

Wizarding Wonder

Invite the magnificent feeling of wonder into your child’s personal space by incorporating a little abracadabra. You can get a wall decal set that includes a magic wand and sparkly stars that signify the special stick is working. Turn your kid’s bedroom into a fantasy land that’s filled with knights, dragons, and all the things that make make-believe come to real life.

Safari Animal Excursion

Set the Jeep in drive and head to the dusty paths of the Serengeti. Bring big lions’ manes into your child’s bedroom and don’t forget the tall grass that those magnificent cats hide in. Build a backdrop that’s complete with buffalo, leopards, and African elephants for a safari experience that’ll delight boys and girls alike.

Sailing the Seven Seas

Start with a foundation of blue waves upon which your child’s dreams can float and be free. Add some starfish and vibrant-hued sea life to the scene, and don’t forget the colorful coral. For a peaceful look that’s a bit mesmerizing, too, add a jellyfish or two. Maybe even a pirate ship with a cool world map.

Sports Decor

From soccer to football and everything in between, you can design a playroom or bedroom with your kid’s favorite pastimes in mind. Add baseballs and bats for that All-American feel, or put up goalposts and an ice rink to bring on the feeling of hockey. You can even add a growth chart and name wall decal to keep track of your favorite lil sports star too.

No matter what kind of sports your child is into, there are stick wall decals to help you complete a decorating project that’ll be memorable.

Magical Unicorns

If you’re decorating a little girl’s room, it’s hard to go wrong with pastel hues, pretty watercolors, and imaginary animals. Unicorns bring a magical feel to a kid’s bedroom, offering a whimsy and magic that we tend to lose as we age. Embrace the power of make-believe spaces and out-of-this-world creatures in a way that brings the cutest part of your child’s imagination to life.

Racing Room

On your mark. Get Set. Go!

Put the pedal to the metal with a bright red sports car that’s sure to win your little boy’s heart over. Add some pavement and a yellow stripe so that the car will know where to go, and don’t forget to put the winners’ circle on your child’s wall, too, so he can see and feel the victory every time he walks into his bedroom or plays space.

Abstract Chic

Bring a little boho chic into your child’s room decor with bright colors and brilliant textures. Hang some eclectic hippy curtains from the windows, and place vibrant polka dot wall decals across the entire vertical space of the room. Get creative with rich purples, deep reds, paisley patterns, and spectacular spots.

Anime or Cartoon Room

Immerse the kids in their favorite show’s universe with themes from their favorite show to create the perfect cartoon or anime room. A wall mural of a backdrop from the show or decals of their favorite characters will make the room their favorite place to watch. Add action figures, stuffed animals, and posters to make them feel like they are a part of the show themselves!

Benefits of Kids Wall Decals

They offer you the flexibility to redesign the look and feel of your child’s space without spending a ton of time on the endeavor or causing damage to the walls. They’re a great way to transform an everyday bedroom into a magical place where their imagination can soar.

They are:

  • Customizable and personalizable
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Auto-grade vinyl decals
  • Come with their own self-adhesive 
  • Easy to use, just peel & stick
  • Removable, just like a sticker

Wall decal stickers are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Simply put a little heat towards the decal using a hairdryer to help the glue release, then peel the corner of the wall decals, slowly pulling the sticker away from the wall until it’s been fully separated from the surface.

One more thing: if you want to create a truly immersive experience, don’t forget to incorporate a couple of Cardboard Cutout Standees into your DIY decorating project. These life-sized cutouts amplify the experience by adding a personal touch to rooms.

Consider Wall Murals

Whereas wall decals are individual stickers that go together to create a unified theme, wall murals are vinyl applications that are intended to cover the entire surface area of a wall. They’re great because they can provide you with a whole landscape. And you really don’t have to choose. You can use both of them to create your child’s wacky wall designs. Create a floor-to-ceiling backdrop of blue water for your at-seas adventure, or let lush green leaves be found wall-to-wall as you design your child’s jungle room.

Wall murals are also great for general home decor. You can transform any space with them, from living room accent walls to bathroom walls. They’re incredibly versatile and are so easy to work with.

Start Your Decorating Journey

When you want a truly personalized room that speaks to your child’s interests, vinyl wall decals, Cardboard Cutout Standees, and wall murals can create an immersive experience that invites imagination and excitement.

Either choose from our collection of premade designs or upload a custom one and checkout. Get your wall decals and murals today so you can get started on your DIY decorating project right away!


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