Your little girl’s bedroom should feel like a personal fairytale. This is where she can let her imagination run wild during the day — and before settling in for sweet dreams at night. This space should also reflect her unique personality. All this can be accomplished with many types of kids room decor, but few are as versatile or practical as wall decals.

Removable wall art is well-suited to young kids because it’s affordable and can easily be changed as soon as children are in the mood for something new. This is important as your daughter experiments with different facets of her personality. Why not allow her to redecorate as she sees fit? Also, the self-adhesive on vinyl wall decals is strong enough to stick to the surface yet gentle enough to not damage it or leave sticky residue behind.

Options abound for girls bedroom wall art. You name the color, aesthetic, or theme, and you should have no trouble finding a decal collection to match. This presents a world of decorating opportunities, but it can also make the selection process difficult. Any idea you or your baby girl can think of is a possibility, from a watercolor rainbow wall decal to an inspiring quote wall decal. To help, we’ve highlighted ten of the best wall decals for girls rooms:

1. Heart Hipster Pastels

Simple yet visually appealing, this pattern can quickly establish a cheerful, yet serene environment for your daughter’s bedroom. The hearts in this collection come in several different colors, including appealing pastels that should work well with other types of little girl decor.

Because it’s so versatile, this pattern can be used in a baby room or applied when your daughter is a bit older. It also works on a playroom wall or even in the living room. With nearly 200 hearts total, the set should provide more than enough to ensure pattern coverage for the entire bedroom or nursery.

Hipster heart wall decals in child's bedroom.

2. Ballerina

If your daughter adores dancing, she will feel at home in a ballerina-themed bedroom just as she does on the stage. Bonus points if she loves pink, as this decal comes in a soft hue that feels decidedly girly. In addition to featuring a pretty ballerina as the focal point, this wall decor collection comes with several small hearts, as well as smaller ballerinas in various shades of pink. Don’t be surprised if you catch your tiny dancer putting on her own recital in her beautiful bedroom.

Ballerina wall decal on white wall.

3. Fun Beach Pattern

Turn your daughter’s bedroom into a beachy paradise with this spirited decal pattern, which is, as its name mentions, a whole lot of fun. You’ll see all your favorite reminders of the beach in this collection, including seashells, sandcastles, palm trees, and even flamingoes. You don’t need to go on vacation to experience the joy of a trip to the beach — simply head to your little girl’s bedroom.

Fun beach pattern wall decals in play room.

4. Whimsical Unicorn

If your daughter has a budding imagination, it’s up to you to nurture it with the right stories, activities, and yes, room wall decals. This whimsical unicorn decoration will reflect your little girl’s inherent playfulness, while encouraging you to get in on the fun and nurture your inner child.

This wall decal set creates an enchanting environment by placing a large unicorn at the center of the action. The unicorn is an eye-catching shade of pink, with a contrasting horn and hooves to attract further attention. Additional decals convey rainbows, clouds, and stars to make your daughter’s bedroom as magical as possible.

Unicorn wall decal in front of play house in child's play room.

5. Colorful Pinwheels

Children love gazing at pinwheels, much to the amusement of adults. Treat them to the mesmerizing look of pinwheels throughout the day by applying these colorful kids’ bedroom decals. The pinwheels in this set come in several bold colors, including pink, green, blue, and yellow. Various sizes are also available, so you can alternate large and small pinwheels to create a dynamic design.

Colorful pinwheel wall decals in child's play room.

6. Cute Fruit

Your daughter is as sweet as can be, so why not reflect this with a fruit-themed bedroom that looks as tasty as her favorite types of produce? This collection of removable wall stickers has summery vibes, as it includes several of the best options for a picnic: strawberries, bananas, oranges, and, of course, watermelon. Don’t be surprised if, after applying these decals, you feel compelled to grab a snack.

Fruit pattern wall decals in child's bedroom.

7. Mesmerizing Mermaids

Dive beneath the waves into an underwater wonderland, where your little mermaid can splash and sing all day long. A stunning mermaid forms the basis of this lovely bedroom look, which also includes coral, sea stars, fish, and bubbles. Another great option? A similar pattern, which adds several mermaids with various hair colors to the mix. Either way, this mesmerizing look will have you ready to dive into playtime with your little girl.

Mermaid wall decals in child's bedroom.

8. Castle Mural

You think of your daughter as the most beautiful princess, but does her bedroom fit this motif? It will once you’ve applied the right castle mural decals, as these can transform even the drabbest setting into a magnificent kingdom.

The castle at the center of this wall mural features soft shades of pink, but this is only the beginning. It’s surrounded by a scenic landscape, complete with towering mountains and a waterfall. Swans add to the effect to create a dreamy setting that will make your daughter’s bedroom feel like an artistic wonderland.

Castle wall mural in child's bedroom.

9. Magical Garden Mural

Few environments feel as peaceful or as full of possibility as a lush garden. Bring the best of this setting into your daughter’s bedroom but with none of the dirt. In this magical take on the garden theme, the floral wall decals are sized up to pack a visual punch. It’s impossible to feel anything but optimistic when you gaze at this gorgeous — and practical — wall art.

Magical garden wall mural in child's bedroom.

10. Create Your Own Decal

Perhaps none of the girls’ wall decals highlighted above truly capture the essence of your daughter’s personality. Not a problem — you’re always welcome to unleash your creativity and develop a decal mural or collection that reflects all that makes your little girl special. Get her in on the process so she can enjoy a newfound sense of ownership over her bedroom.

From simple patterns to elaborate murals, a variety of wall decal designs promise to make your daughter’s bedroom as beautiful as she’s always been to you. Create a peaceful or playful environment with stunning and highly durable decals. You’ll find plenty of options from Cardboard Cutout Standees, plus the opportunity to develop your own with your little girl’s help. Contact us today to learn more about the DIY decal process or visit our website to check out our impressive selection of home decor decals.


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