​​Dad deserves to be celebrated on Father’s Day and, given how many wonderfully awful dad jokes he tells, it’s only proper that he’s treated to some hardcore belly laughs on this special occasion. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if your funny dad has high expectations or a unique sense of humor.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to please the average dad on Father’s Day. Simply making an effort is most important. This could take the form of a special dinner out, a unique gift from Etsy, or even a traditional Father’s Day card. If you’re unwilling to settle for just any token from Walmart or Amazon, then let’s get creative.

When in doubt, a little humor can go a long way. This is especially true if the jokes are tangible and unexpected. A silly T-shirt or coffee mug can work wonders, but nothing compares to cutouts that remind him why he’s the best dad. It’s a great DIY-style gift with none of the actual hard work or mess of crafting.

To help, we’ve highlighted several funny Father’s Day gift ideas. These can also be used as the ultimate dad birthday gifts. This gift guide reveals that, for Father’s Day, all you need is a cutout and some creativity.

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1. Transform Family Photos Into Hilarious Scenes

If there’s one strategy that’s guaranteed to surprise and delight the best fathers in your life, it’s making a statement with cardboard cutouts. Used creatively, these can form the basis of hilarious gifts that poke gentle fun at Dad himself. You don’t even have to be all that original; find one of your favorite, goofiest photos and make it larger-than-life.

Edited StandeeYour favorite dad has undoubtedly taken many goofy pictures over the years, and now, it’s time to make the most of all those funny faces and ridiculous poses as you create the perfect gift. Transform these images into life-sized cardboard cutouts or BigHeads that capture your dad’s vibrant personality. Add images of several family members to the mix, too. With enough cutouts posed strategically, you can create an impactful display.

2. Bring Dad’s Favorite Characters to Life

Is your dad obsessed with Marvel or Star Wars? Does he have a not-so-secret celebrity crush? Bring this character or movie star to life with help from a cardboard cutout. The nerdier the image, the better — and don’t forget to add a speech bubble that showcases this character’s most memorable quotes. You can also leave the speech bubble blank and write your own quotes with a dry-erase marker. Celebrity crushes are also fair game, especially if accompanied by a cutout of Dad fawning over his favorite stars. This life-size gift would be a perfect addition to any man cave.

This is an excellent option for life-sized cutouts but can also incorporate BigHeads if your dad has always dreamed of taking on a different identity. This could be a hilarious surprise for a themed Father’s Day celebration; when the dad of honor enters the room, he will encounter BigHeads depicting all his favorite celebs.

For gentle ribbing, you can take the opposite approach and feature the faces of less-than-beloved people; players from dad’s sports team rival, for example, would make for an excellent prank.

3. Create a Dad-Themed Photo Booth

Take the cutout concept to the next level with a photo booth display encouraging party guests to show off their most ridiculous poses. Find a memorable photo and blow it up, adding silly quotes or props as you see fit. Face-in-hole cutouts also work wonders, allowing loved ones to cosplay as dear old Dad.

Don’t forget to take a picture of the guest of honor posing with himself. Other guests should be encouraged to do the same. After the party, these hilarious images can be compiled to form a funny and memorable scrapbook.

Custom Standee of Dad

4. Send a Silly Life-Sized Cutout

What if you can’t attend the annual Father’s Day BBQ or cookout? You no doubt feel sad about your absence, and not just because you wish you could chow down on hot dogs. These emotions are almost certainly shared by Dad, who can’t share his latest puns in person. Wisecracks over the phone will help, but you can also recreate your presence with a goofy, life-sized cutout.

Custom Father's Day Cutout

Choose a favorite photo from the past or pose for a new one — either way, this needs to be ridiculous enough to get that VID (Very Important Dad) laughing when he’s feeling down in the dumps. If you’re not up to sending your likeness as a surprise, you can also send images of other loved ones or, as we’ve already mentioned, favorite celebrities. The ultimate goal is to lighten the mood with a surprise that reminds Dad that you are there in spirit. Add a Zoom call to toast with a gift whiskey glass or even play a card game from afar.

5. Give Dad His Own Life-Sized Cutout

Call it vanity or masochism, but your dad would almost certainly love to have a cutout of his own — he just hasn’t put in the effort to order one. Give him the gift of a good laugh with a cardboard cutout that’s exclusively his. This need not function as a photo booth or a prop; it’s up to your dad to use it as he sees fit.

The best way to present this unique gift is not with wrapping paper or a gift box, but rather, as a complete surprise, displayed where the dad of honor would never expect. What better way to wake up than with his own face gazing at him? Perhaps he’ll encounter his cutout likeness in the bathroom or at the breakfast table.

Father's Day Standup

Subtle changes to Dad’s image can make this concept even funnier. Minor edits could equip Dad with a handlebar mustache, giant muscles (and no dad bod), or goofy accessories he would never wear. Combine concepts to pose your cutout Dad with his favorite cutout celebrity; he is welcome to hang on to both dad gifts long after his Father’s Day celebration draws is over.

Prank Dad This Father’s Day With a Gag Gift

Give your dad, stepdad, or other father figure the gift of laughter with unexpectedly hilarious cardboard cutouts. These personalized gifts are easy to create and adapt. Upload your favorite dad-themed photos and choose your preferred size and materials.

This could form the basis of a tradition that your dad or grandpa looks forward to every year — and it’ll be such a hit that you’ll be tempted to try something similar for Mother’s Day gifts. Get started today, or reach out to discover other creative ways to use our products for funny gifts.


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