In 1909, the Chicago Cubs began the new season with two consecutive years of the World Series wins under their belt. They didn’t make it to the World Series that year, and wouldn’t win again until 2016.

In 1920, the New York Yankees gained Babe Ruth, and the season’s opening game against Philadelphia was his first appearance with the team. That very year Ruth destroyed the standing Major League Baseball record by hitting 54 home runs (which he broke the next year with 59 home runs).

In 1927, the Yankees opened with Joe Dugan, Lou Gehrig, Earl Combs, and Tony Lazzeri (also known as Murderers’ Row). This first game marked the start of a winning year, as they’d go on to the World Series and down in history as one of the best baseball teams and collection of players in history.

Throughout history, the MLB opening game has carried significance and has even foreshadowed the year in baseball. As this trend continues, so does the love for the sport in the United States.

With that enthusiasm, friends and family gather to celebrate the World Series and opening games. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the 2019 baseball season, party ideas and helpful ways to plan a winning game day event with cardboard cutouts!

When Does Baseball Season 2019 Start?

The 2019 baseball schedule is posted and there’s plenty of time to get excited. Here’s what’s in store!

February 21, 2019 – Regular Season Opening

Spring training is the period just before the regular season of baseball begins, normally beginning in mid-February and running up until the regular season starts. It allows new players to the roster compete for spots, and returning players to warm up for the coming games.

Wrigley Field baseball stadium.

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Baseball Regular Season 2019

March 20, 2019 – September 29, 2019

The first game (with the inclusion of international openers) will be played between Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners in Tokyo, Japan on March 20-21, 2019.

Not including international, the regular baseball season kicks off on March 28th (the earliest MLB opening day in history), with all 30 teams playing.

Sunday, September 29th will be the final day of the season with 12 divisional games played. View more details on the 2019 games here.

Cubs baseball cutout.

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2019 Baseball Postseason

Post-Regular Season

This year’s postseason begins after the regular season ends. The major events to look forward to include:

  • Wild Card Game: Typically held right after postseason begins
  • Division Series: Held following the Wild Card Game
  • League Championship Series: Begins postseason
  • World Series: Begins after the Division Series and League Championship Series

    World series trophy.

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Bring Life Size Baseball Cutouts and Big Heads to Games

If you have a favorite player or are a die-hard fan, create life size cutouts to bring to the field with you, and take and share pictures with the fans, plus maybe even get the attention of the team! Design your own life-size standee of someone you know on your local team. Or you can create a more generic player cutout to take with you for everyone to enjoy!

Another option is to create a Big Head cutout of your team logo, mascot or player’s face to hold and cheer from the stands. Smaller and portable, Big Head cutouts are a great way to foster team spirit.

Baseball Cutout Ideas for Parties

Baseball themed parties are popular for any age and especially during the baseball season. While common baseball party food includes the traditional peanuts and popcorn bags, Big League gum, ice cream in plastic baseball cap bowls and more, there are other non-edible decorations and party supplies that are essential to a successful baseball party ambiance, such as:

  • Baseball stickers
  • Baseball napkins, plates, cups, utensils, tablecloths
  • Baseball party favors
  • Baseball cardboard cutout standees and Big Heads

Cardboard cutouts bring something extra to your party. They are unique in that they’re interactive and customizable to your get together. They can be designed to your specification – any player, team or logo can be printed to promote your fan preference, while life size standees can be put on display for your guests to look at and/or take photos with to remember the day.Houston Astro cutout.

A few winning ideas to up your baseball game day party include:

  • Create photo areas with lifesize cardboard cutout standees of players
  • Design hole-in-head cutout standees of players in team jerseys for fun pictures
  • Build custom Big Head cutouts of players’ faces, team logos, pointer fingers, baseballs, bats, helmets, base plates, etc. to hang around the room as decoration
  • Attach Big Heads to sticks to give away as party favors, or use to root for your team during game viewing parties
  • For game viewing get-togethers or competitions, divide the room in half and decorate with cutouts of each team’s logos (for example, decorate one side with Detroit Tigers logos and the other side with Washington Nationals logos)

Baseball Bulletin Board Ideas for Big Games

Baseball bulletin boards and competitions are a fun way to get your friends as well as kids involved and excited for the baseball season. They’re also a great way to keep track of team advancements and/or decorate for a party!

Design a large poster-sized cardboard cutout of a baseball stadium-themed bulletin board and hang to display progress throughout the season (be it MLB or your local teams). Create smaller printouts of players or logos (think Chicago Cubs logo, Milwaukee Brewers logo, etc) to attach as teams advance.

Create a large, blown-up season schedule to keep track of the games and use printouts of baseballs, bats, gloves, helmets, etc. to attach as predictions on who will win and make it to the World Series!

The possibilities are endless, but the above are just a couple of ideas to get you started thinking about using cardboard cutouts to celebrate this baseball season.

Where to Get Cardboard Cutouts

Whether it’s an LA Dodgers logo or the face of your favorite local baseball player, lifesize cardboard standees and Big Heads are fun ways to show support for your favorite teams.

Cardboard Cutout Standees has hundreds of templates to choose from, along with a design tool that lets you upload your own images and make any adjustments needed.

Get ready for baseball season with Cardboard Cutout Standees!