Baseball and softball season is finally here — and players all around the country can’t wait to hit the field. MLB games are exciting, of course, but there’s so much more to this sport.

Perhaps most gratifying: is the opportunity to see a new generation of players hit the field. From high school to Little League, opportunities abound for those involved in a variety of baseball programs. Players in every age group want to know that their family members care.

Keep reading to learn why parental support is essential — and to discover the outsized role cardboard cutouts can play in this effort.

Summer Baseball Is Coming: Why Parents Need to Show Support

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, so does the anticipation for Little League games and weekend tournaments. The fun certainly isn’t limited to young players or even their coaches. 

While kids dust off their mitts, search high and low for their batting gloves and break out their trusty bats, parents also need to get ready for the season. If you find yourself among this lucky crew, it’s time to step up your game and prove that you’re an amazing fan.

There’s a long history of baseball Hall of Famers who couldn’t have achieved legendary status without the support of their parents. Bob Feller, Mike Piazza, and Phil Niekro represent just a few familiar names that began as backyard enthusiasts.

It all starts with simply showing up. There’s no better time to hit grounders, toss batting practice, or catch fastballs. No, participation at baseball tournaments or baseball camp won’t always lead to professional achievements, but it’s important nonetheless to support kids in their athletic pursuits.

When parents show up, kids know they care. In turn, young players feel more confident not only in their athletic abilities but also, in their relationships with their parents. They love celebrating their victories with loved ones, of course, but parental involvement is even more important in the face of disappointment.

Baseball fans holding Bigheads in stands.


Win or Lose, Show You Care

There are plenty of ways to lend a hand to your local baseball team without throwing a pitch or swinging a bat. Attending every game in person is the best way to support your favorite players, but that doesn’t mean that Little League fandom has to feel like a chore. With the right accessories, you can ensure that your kids always feel supported.

One of the best options for youth sports? Cardboard cutouts. Visually impressive, these can elicit anything from laughter to gratitude.


From Little League Baseball to the Major Leagues

Giant cardboard cutouts have long been a staple for raucous sporting events, where fans show their love for top players by brandishing their likeness in cardboard form. This showy form of fandom has become nearly as beloved as America’s pastime itself.

Given this popularity, it should come as no surprise that cardboard cutouts have been featured worldwide in games on ESPN — and even written about in the New York Times. Perhaps most impressively, they’ve played heavily into COVID sporting, with cardboard fans replacing real-life ones in the midst of attendance restrictions.

They’re heavily used among MLB enthusiasts, but cardboard cutouts are arguably at their best when displayed during Little League games. No matter their skill level, young athletes are far more excited by — and appreciative of — cutouts than their professional counterparts. Easy to create and bring to games, these accessories make it obvious that you care.

BigHead of batting player at baseball game.


How And Where to Display Cutouts at Baseball Games

Large and vibrant, cardboard cutouts are easy to spot from afar. Outfielders in need of some extra encouragement — or simply something to look at in between pitches — will get a kick out of seeing family members or teammates staring back at them. Even the strictest head coaches will enjoy seeing their likeness in the bleachers.

Cardboard cutouts can stand up to the elements, so even games that run the risk of being thrown into rain delays can be well-attended by a legion of cutout fans. You don’t need to play ball in a cornfield to create your own Field of Dreams — all it takes is a few comically large heads and a healthy appetite for fun.

In all likelihood, your baseball cutouts will fall into one of two main categories:

  • BigHeads to represent the players or coaches
  • Life-sized cardboard cutouts can take the place of fans who are unable to attend games

Both approaches are highly valued and can bring a lot of excitement to your favorite events. Consider also featuring BigHeads or life-sized cutouts that represent young players’ favorite professional athletes. Don’t be afraid to get silly or even outlandish; with cardboard cutouts, a little creativity can go a long way.


Join Our Roster of Happy Customers

If you’re ready to show your support with help from cutouts, think carefully about where you obtain these accessories. Not just any cutouts will do. You need a provider capable of delivering pristine displays that hold up to the elements. Exceptional customer service is also essential. After all: as a busy parent of a young athlete, you simply don’t have time to waste dealing with difficult representatives or navigating a complex ordering process.

Cardboard Cutout Standees is an excellent resource. We’ve pleased all kinds of customers — including athletes, their families, and their coaches — with our vibrant cutout displays. We offer fast shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. Our goal: is to delight you and the athletes you support.

Entire baseball team BigHeads at game.


Ordering BigHead Cutouts With Cardboard Cutout Standees

Ready to get started? The ordering process is surprisingly straightforward when you work with the team at Cardboard Cutout Standees.

To begin, upload high-quality images of beloved players to our website. Our graphic team can remove the background, but be sure to provide special instructions if you want anything other than the athlete’s face featured in the cutout. Feel free to take advantage of opportunities for adding speech or thought bubbles.

Before the ordering process is complete, you can receive a proof of the digital image from our photo editor. Simply select the proof option while ordering. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed by the results!

A little support can go a long way. Let your favorite athletes know you care — get their attention with BigHead cutouts. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a proud parent or a supportive coach, you’ll no doubt hit a home run with your display from Cardboard Cutout Standees. Contact us today to learn more.


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