In a mostly digital world, we still hang on to a few delightful vestigates of the snail mail age. Chief among these? The beloved Christmas card and its close cousin — the Christmas letter. Both are typically accompanied by cute photos. Snapshots are also an integral part of the modern Christmas party, which typically includes a photo booth and lots of props.

While many families shell out big bucks to have Christmas photos by professionals year after year, there’s something to be said for the comfort and versatility of an at-home approach. Backdrops can be repurposed as holiday decor or even party props.

Custom cardboard cutout with Christmas decorations.

Equipped with Christmas cardboard cutouts, you can make your annual photos as hilarious or creative as you desire. Simply upload your favorite photos, order a few cutouts, and pose to your heart’s delight after they’ve shipped. You’ll quickly find that once-dreaded photography sessions become a lot more entertaining when you go the DIY route. These ideas will maximize your holiday photo fun:


Santa Claus & Elves

Few Christmas images are as heartwarming as Santa with his busy elves. This is a go-to solution for any photos that include kids or kids at heart. It’s also a lot more versatile of an option than you might anticipate. There are all kinds of recognizable versions of Santa from the movies and TV, not to mention goofy versions such as Santa on the beach. Don’t forget to add the lovely a life-size standup version of Mrs. Santa to the mix, along with plenty of elves and reindeer.


Christmas Tree & Decorations

Putting up an actual Christmas tree takes a lot of effort. You’d be forgiven for procrastinating until it’s too late to take and send the annual Christmas photos. If you know that perfecting your holiday setup will take some time, a tree-shaped cardboard cutout might be a better solution in the interim. Snap a few cute photos by this ready-made display and then wait for the tree until you’re good and ready. These can later be reused as Christmas decorations, so don’t hesitate to go all-out when ordering.


Winter Wonderland

Why limit your cardboard cutout display to Christmas alone? If you’re on the hunt for something a bit more versatile, opt for a winter wonderland theme. This will remain relevant long after you’ve unwrapped your presents and taken down your tree. It can pay homage to everything you love about winter: the beautiful snowflakes, the cozy mittens, and the friendly snowmen. Winter-themed cutouts are even more appealing if you love the concept of fresh-fallen snow but prefer the comfort of a warm hearth.


Snowman Group

Perfect for face-in-hole stand-ins, a series of snowmen can complement the winter wonderland theme described above. Again, this type of standup works well not only for Christmas photos but also, for winter imagery in general. Use them for party decorations in December and even January.

Face-in-hole Christmas snowman cutouts.

Seasons Greetings” by Sam Howzit is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Gingerbread Gang

If you’re unable to bake your own gingerbread cookies this year, you can still enjoy incorporating them into your holiday aesthetic with help from vibrant cardboard cutout standups. Again, this is a great opportunity to make the most of the face-in-hole concept. Otherwise, these cutouts can easily be added to a festive backdrop that also includes a gingerbread house or other cookie-themed concepts. Don’t be surprised if these displays give you instant cravings.


Holiday movies abound, but few are as charming as Will Ferrell’s Elf. The instantly recognizable character of Buddy makes for an excellent cutout or face-in-hole display. The memorable movie poster image is a great option that shows off Buddy’s colorful outfit and friendly expression. His love interest (Jovie) can be added to the mix, as can Papa Elf. Whether this Christmas party display contains just one character or several, it will be instantly recognizable.


Home Alone

Another Christmas movie favorite, Home Alone can add a solid dose of nostalgia to your holiday display. The most obvious cutout, of course, is the iconic image of Kevin’s shocked expression.

For an extra silly photo, add the best villains ever: the famed Wet Bandits. Post them near a few homemade traps to recreate some of your favorite scenes. This will bring a fun twist to an already delightful photo concept. The result? Hilarious Christmas images that won’t quickly be forgotten. For another nostalgia kick, add A Christmas Story to the mix.


Candy Cane Village

Simple and effective, this is an easy solution when you struggle to come up with a compelling theme for your holiday party or annual pictures. Create a scene that’s sweeter than candy with help from vibrant red and white stripes. Assign a candy cane to every person in your photo — or simply add a few to level up an existing holiday backdrop.

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Sleigh Race

Do you love the iconic holiday tune “Sleigh Ride”? Bring this annual favorite to life with help from a themed display that includes sleight-style cutouts. Loved ones can pose as if they’re riding in these sleighs. They can also pretend to compete against other cutouts that include sleigh riders. The memorable sleigh scene from Disney’s Frozen is a great option for kid-friendly photos, as are the sleigh rides from Arthur Christmas and the Santa Clause.


Nativity Scene

Draw attention to the reason for the season with a nativity display that tells the most powerful story imaginable. Life-size cutouts can be artfully arranged to include all the essentials: the wise men, the animals, Mary, and, of course, Jesus in his manger.


How to Order Christmas Cutouts

Choosing the right cardboard cutout is the difficult part — it can be tough to narrow down your selection when there are so many great options. Once you’ve finally settled on a theme or subject, the rest should be easy. Our team at Cardboard Cutout Standees can take care of all the details.

To begin the ordering process, stop by our website and upload as many high-quality images as necessary. Next, you’ll be asked to include details such as the size of the cutouts, the material, and any special add-ons (such as thought bubbles).

As you prepare to order cardboard cutouts, pay attention to timing. Sooner is always better, although we are often able to accommodate fast turnaround times.


Add Holiday Cheer With Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

Don’t subject your loved ones to dull or drab Christmas photos. A few cardboard cutouts can instantly improve your backdrop while encouraging you and your friends or family members to let loose. You’ll make — and capture — priceless memories that demonstrate what the holidays are all about: spending precious times with those you love most.

At Cardboard Cutout Standees, we are committed to making your holiday festivities as special as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our life-size standees, BigHeads, and other fun products.


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