You have big plans for the future but struggle to get motivated and take that important first step towards achieving your dream life. New Year’s resolutions help, but they’re often tough to sustain.

Thankfully, a variety of powerful tools and strategies can give you the inspiration you need. Bullet journals are popular, but what if you want something more immediately visual?

The vision board is an especially compelling option that’s not only highly motivational, but also, visually appealing. In this guide, we’ll explain why a vision board is so important for goal setting, how to make a vision board, and where you can find helpful vision board ideas.


What Is a Vision Board?

The cliched concept ‘out of sign, out of mind’ plays heavily into the reasoning behind the vision board. This intentional display encourages you to turn your personal hopes and goals into a powerful image or collection of images. This, in turn, should inspire you to continue making progress, even when major roadblocks get in your way.

Beyond this, a vision board can simply help you clarify what, exactly, it is that you hope to accomplish — and why you’re perfectly capable. It’s a great opportunity to put the law of attraction to work. Whether you’re striving for weight loss, your dream job, or other specific goals, a vision board can move you towards your best life.


5 Vision Board Projects For DIY Types

Vision boards can take many forms. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. With so many options available, however, it can be easy to procrastinate. To help you narrow down your selection, we’ve highlighted a few of the best DIY opportunities below, as well as potential challenges worth keeping in mind:


Multimedia Vision Board

Multimedia vision boards are wonderfully versatile, so they can take whatever form you see fit. These vision boards call for a lot of creativity, but therein lies their appeal: they force you to think outside of the box and dig deep for meaningful concepts as you seek personal growth.

In this instance, the term ‘multimedia’ does not refer to online vision boards. We’ll cover this high-tech option in detail below. Rather, multimedia refers to the vast array of materials that can be used to construct these vision boards.

You may already have everything for your vision or goal board stored in your home. When in doubt, look for:

  • Magazine cutouts
  • Photographs
  • Stickers
  • Markers for drawing or writing affirmations

All this can be attached to sturdy cardstock, poster board, corkboard, or another material of your choosing. Feel free to use a template for guidance. Look to Pinterest for vision board examples if you have trouble getting started.

The downside? Multimedia vision boards take a lot of time and can be messy to create. It can also feel overwhelming to plan if you typically struggle with creative projects. The simple process of gathering or buying materials may feel onerous when you’re already struggling to find motivation. This is when alternatives such as digital or decal vision boards come in handy.

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Digital Vision Board

Sometimes referred to as dream boards, digital vision boards take everything you love about the multimedia solutions highlighted above, but allow you to forgo the extra time (or, in some cases, cost) of acquiring the right tools and materials. All you need is a computer or even a smartphone — and a few simple ideas to get you started.

Depending on how much guidance you require, you could easily complete your digital vision board with a dedicated app or program. Excellent options include Canva and Corkulous.

The main challenge with this approach can be long-term motivation. For some people, personal intentions simply don’t feel real or relevant until they’re spelled out in a tangible form.

Hence, the appeal of handwritten goals. With a physical vision board, ambitions that seem vague when digital suddenly take on a new level of intentionality. A little added effort could generate far better results while providing a more powerful visual reminder of your mission.


Vision Board Screensaver

Similar to the aforementioned digital vision board, the screensaver offshoot will show up every time your computer goes inactive. This provides frequent reminders of your goals, often at unexpected (but important) times. These can be created using the digital strategies outlined above.


Wall Decal Vision Board

If you want an easy-to-create, yet tangible vision board, your options may seem limited. In reality, however, you need not choose between time-consuming DIY projects and digital displays. You can have both if you create a vision board using a series of wall decals. These can feature several subjects, which can be uploaded online and then printed and shipped directly to your home. They are then applied directly to your wall.

When preparing to create a wall decal vision board, choose high-quality images that are relevant to your intentions for the future. If you’re struggling, select a few words or phrases that reflect your hopes for the next few months or years. Find images that connect with these terms.

Wall decals are also desirable because they’re so adaptable. If, at any point, your vision changes, you can apply new decals to adjust your vision board accordingly. Likewise, your vision can easily move with you to new locations. Decals are easy to remove and reapply, so you never need to go far without having your vision board by your side.

Wall Mural Vision Board

Similar to a decal vision board, a wall mural can be applied or removed at your convenience. It occupies more space, but this could arguably make it a lot more impactful.

You’ll need to be a bit more strategic than with wall decals, as the mural isn’t as easy to adjust: if you need to change anything about your vision, you’ll have to order a new mural. Select your mural carefully, however, and you’ll always have an eye-catching reminder of your intentions, plus the motivation to continue pursuing these goals when the going gets tough. 


Create an Impactful Vision Board With Cardboard Cutout Standees

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