When you’re short on inspiration, it helps to have special quotes on hand. These are easily accessible online, especially as you browse social media. Sometimes, however, you don’t want to actively search for inspirational quotes: you want them to be readily available exactly when and where you need them. Build them into your room decor, and you can always rely on these quotes to give you a helpful nudge.

Quotes are an increasingly common component of modern home decor, but choosing how, exactly, to implement them can be difficult. There’s a variety of options, and no one strategy is ideal in every situation. That being said, some approaches are more versatile than others, as we’ll explain below. Keep reading for insight into the best quote-based decorating ideas. 


Canvas Wall Art

Trendy, yet typically affordable, canvas is a versatile option for placing inspiring quotes around your interior space. Canvas prints can be found at many of your favorite shopping destinations, including everything from vast department stores to craft shops and even cute boutiques.

Don’t forget that adaptable options can be ordered online. Place several on the same wall to create an eclectic and highly inspirational display. These can be included among framed or unframed images to form a distinctive gallery wall. This is a major interior design trend right now — and it’s perfect for showing off a variety of quotes when you can’t settle on just one.

Large Picture Frame

When searching for the perfect quote-adorned print, don’t forget the frame itself. Many excellent frames feature compelling quotes, which can be connected to the photos or other images they contain. For example, a snapshot of your loved ones should go perfectly with a photo frame that describes the strength of family.

Frames with quotes about perseverance will work well for sporting photos. Don’t forget frames with quotes about the eternal love of cats and dogs, which can be used to honor your current four-legged friends or pay homage to those who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

If you struggle to find a premade frame that perfectly matches your intentions, try a DIY project. You’ll find plenty of step-by-step instructions online, which you can adapt using your favorite quotes.

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Painted Wall Mural

Vibrant and powerful, a painted wall mural will instantly convey important sentiments while also making a clear statement. This is a highly adaptable option, but with one important caveat: somebody needs to do the painting.

If your household boasts someone extra artistic, this could allow your talented roommate or family member to show off his or her skills. Otherwise, you might need to commission a mural from somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Another option? Stencils, which provide some much-needed guidance but also build some DIY action into the project. If you need a shortcut, paint aspects of the mural while also building in some of the other elements included in this guide.


Chalkboard Wall

If you constantly have new ideas but nowhere to jot them down, a chalkboard wall could be the perfect addition to your home or apartment. This helpful wall encourages you to record quotes or draw pictures when inspiration strikes. It can cover a small section of your existing wall or act as a replacement for a typical mural.

This is a great option for artsy types who are too nervous to dive in with a permanent painted wall mural. Even if you’re not all that creative, you might be surprised by the insightful messages you’re able to show off when a chalkboard is so easily accessible.

Wood Wall Art

Perfect as rustic or farmhouse decor, wood wall art brings folksy, heartwarming vibes to your space. This type of decor frequently features quotes, although quaint imagery is also available. This can complement many of the other forms of decorative quotes, such as removable murals or chalkboard walls. Many wooden pieces already have quotes displayed, while others provide DIY opportunities to personalize your message.

Removable Wall Mural

Many of the ideas highlighted above are beautiful, but costly. Others are semi-permanent and can be difficult to update. This can be problematic when motivational quotes are involved. After all, you won’t necessarily find the same messages compelling over time.

When you need a change in mindset, removable options are your best bet. This should be a go-to strategy if you want to completely change the look of your space but aren’t quite ready to apply wallpaper or a new coat of paint.

Wall murals can easily be created online, shipped to your home, and applied directly to the wall. In addition to your favorite quotes, murals can also include imagery you find compelling. These displays can be complemented by custom decorative decals, which can be thought of as removable wall stickers.


Ways to Make Quote-Based Decor Special

As you examine the various types of wall art decor, don’t forget the importance of choosing the right quote. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your display ultimately looks if the quote itself isn’t highly motivational. The typography or font must also be considered; does this match the tone of the quote or the overarching aesthetic of the room in question?


How you proceed may depend, in part, on where the quotes are displayed. Styling for a home office will almost certainly be more subtle than decorative quotes in your bedroom or living room. Selections for a kitchen wall, in the bathroom, or even in the dining room must stand up to moisture. For rentals, easily removable solutions such as decals are strongly preferred.


Strike Inspirational Gold With Cardboard Cutout Standees

Inspirational quotes could transform your interior design. At Cardboard Cutout Standees, we make it easy to add these to any room in your home. Print them as decals or wall murals and apply them wherever you see fit. Contact us today to learn more about our custom murals and wall decals — or to get started with uploading your favorite images.


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