Nothing can make you feel more at home than sitting around the table with your family to enjoy a pot of home-made soup. In theory, soup is easy. You just put in a bunch of ingredients and let them cook together for a while, then enjoy. In reality, soup can be very hard to get right. Home-made soup can be bland: most people don’t have all day to boil the ingredients to yield full flavor. 

Falavory has solved this problem. They have created a line of soup seasonings that can ensure every batch of soup you make is delicious and nutritious. How nutritious? You get to pick all the vegetables and/or meats to make sure your family is getting the food you want them to. You can choose locally sourced vegetables and meats, organic produce, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef: whatever you like. And when you can combine them with Falavory’s gourmet-quality seasoning, you know they’ll be delicious. 

Best of all, after all the ingredients are chopped and prepped, you only cook them for 30 minutes or less! That makes a delicious, home-cooked meal accessible even for the busiest families. 

While this product seems like it would sell itself, Falavory had a retail display problem: how could they get their soup seasonings in front of the target market. Retail stores wanted to stock their seasoning with the canned soup, but canned soup buyers didn’t want soup seasoning. The people who wanted soup seasoning were those looking for ways to quickly turn organic vegetables and more into quick, delicious, nutritious meals. Learn more about Falavory and how they worked with us to solve their display problem. 

A store employee posing next to Falavory in-store display.

Can you tell us about Falavory? A little history and what it’s all about?

Falavory takes all the uncertainty out of making soups at home. We have created a line of handcrafted gourmet quality soup seasoning blends. You can combine these seasonings with your choice of ingredients: locally sourced, organic vegetables and meats, depending on your preference. 

With our simple 4-step process you can quickly and easily produce delicious soups at home. No more worries that your soup will turn out bland, but you’re still in control of what goes into your soup. 

What is Falavory’s greatest milestone or achievement? Something that you’re most proud of, hope to maintain, or even surpass in the future?

Our greatest milestone to date was making the transition from selling in small markets and craft fairs to grocery retail. Our next highlight was switching from an in-house made display stand to our full color cardboard stands and next is upgrading our soup blend packaging to showcase a photo shot of the soup it makes in full color. 

What has been the reception to Falavory soup seasoning blends so far?

Falavory has an amazing customer base within our home Province of New Brunswick as well as loyal customers across Canada. We are expecting a great reception this fall when we launch into other Canadian provinces in retail stores and relaunch our new website for Canadian and American online customers.

What is the best-selling Falavory soup seasoning blend at the moment?

Homestyle Chicken is the most popular. This signature blend gives you the “back home in grandma’s kitchen” feeling.

Will there be any new soup seasoning blends in the future?

Yes, we have 4 new blends in the works. Always looking for new and trending soups to keep current.

Why do you think Falavory soup seasoning blends may be an especially important and relevant product on the market right now?

The Falavory way provides everyday people a quicker, easier, and full flavor meal option. This fits the demand of people who are working hard and more stressed than ever these days. But unlike most convenience options, it lets people use fresh local produce while giving them a consistent “All The Flavor You Need…Every Time.”

Describe the POP displays you used to promote Falavory products

We have chosen to go with a full stand up display for the larger grocery retailers that hold up to 12 varieties and a small table top display that holds preferably our top 5 blends.

What were they and how did you come up with the idea?

We started out with a homemade wooden stand with wooden pegs that displayed all our blends but found out quickly how easily wooden pegs broke off in retail stores. The display size and shape was well-liked due to the small footprint. So Cardboard Cutout Standees ran with the basic shape and helped design an amazing display to showcase even more of our products with great marketing space and storage room as well.

Was there a particular marketing/promotional challenge they helped to overcome?

Definitely having a photo of a soup on the display along with easy-to-understand icons gives all the important information about Falavory at first glance.

How were the displays utilized in stores?

All of our displays are located in the produce department to help promote fresh and local products and not to be next to the ready-to-eat canned soups.

How did they give you the edge? Did they meet your expectations/goals?

Having a full-color display and a small footprint most definitely gives our products an edge. The color pops out to give a real-life rendition of the finished product.

Do you plan on using the POP displays for other marketing or promotional events in the future?

This current full and table top display was our first experience with cardboard displays and given our positive feedback to date we will be ordering more and looking for unique ways of using POP in the future.

Check out Falavory Online!

Want to see the variety of soups and potentially purchase some online? They currently ship across Canada and to the US from their website You can also follow their Facebook page for their latest news. 

We Help Small Businesses Make Big Impacts

Falavory saw getting their products in retail stores as their biggest achievement. However, with that achievement, they found they faced new challenges. While the home-crafted soup mixes never fail to satisfy, their home-crafted displays weren’t up to the challenges of the retail environment. 

By partnering with Cardboard Cutout Standees, they were able to overcome this problem, helping to improve their appeal to their target market and increase their sales. The cardboard display fit right in with the local produce that their target market was buying. And the attractive full-color display was an immediate draw for people considering how they were going to use the produce they were buying. The display included storage space to make stocking easier for the stores–which made it popular with retailers. The solution was also flexible, with two different display sizes, helping them to have a presence in both large and small retail settings. Solving this display problem is critical as the company is preparing for a market expansion across Canada and into the US. 

What display challenges are you facing with your product? Let Cardboard Cutout Standees help you design the right retail approach to reach your target market so you can expand sales and improve distribution. Contact us online or call 1-844-740-8103 today to learn how we can help your small business make a big impact!


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