It’s no secret that tobacco is bad for our health, and yet many individuals struggle with kicking the habit. Battling addiction of any kind can be challenging, and those who are striving to reduce their tobacco consumption deserve all the support they can get. 

Fortunately, there are more products out there now than ever before that can help with quitting. Cardboard Cutout Standees recently had the pleasure of working with one such product — FlowBlend — on a marketing initiative to help spread the word about their amazing nutraceutical pouches. We chatted with Nate Prince of FlowBlend about the brand’s mission, recent accomplishments, and how Cardboard Cutout Standees helped drive sales and awareness of their products.

Several cans of FlowBlend's CBD product.

Can you tell us about FlowBlend? A little history, and what it’s all about?

FlowBlend helps people quit nicotine products by offering an on-the-go flavored pouch that increases energy, focus and freedom. FlowBlend was born out of frustration. I battled with addiction to chewing tobacco, and was disappointed with the few alternative options. I asked myself the question, “How can I keep the habit, and lose the addiction?” And FlowBlend was born. Although FlowBlend is a new company, founded in 2020, its future is bright and big goals await on the horizon. 

What’s been FlowBlend’s greatest milestone or satisfaction achieved? Something that you’re most proud of, hope to maintain or even surpass in the future?

From the moment that the idea of FlowBlend was decided on, we have made huge strides in formulations, equipment, mixing processes, and product sourcing to deliver a pouch that is focused on well-being. This means natural flavors, zero artificial sweeteners, and simple ingredients that every customer will always be able to find clearly marked on every can of FlowBlend. We will always continue forward developing and selling products that we want to use ourselves.

FlowBlend's custom countertop POP display.

Describe the countertop POP displays you used to promote FlowBlend pouches.

When I was developing the business model for FlowBlend, I knew that I was going to have to start the business by selling in local stores, and to do that I would have to offer an attractive way to display the FlowBlend product line. The POP display I selected made it easy to promote the two product lines and take up very little counter space. They are simple, stylish, elegant and stand out compared to all other displays. I looked everywhere for somebody to create a POP display that matched what I wanted, and out of close to 15 different companies I spoke to, none were as easy to work with, or as responsive as Cardboard Cutout Standees.

What were they and how did you come up with the idea?

When I was in the development phase of my marketing plan, I reached out to a good friend that has a successful store and asked for his input as a retailer. I asked, “What do you expect to see from a brand that approaches you looking to sell their product in your store?” I also asked him, “What do you love to see or know about that brand?” One of the things he told me is that I would need an attractive POP display.  

Was there a particular marketing/promotional challenge they helped to overcome?

There really was no nice way to sell my product without some sort of way to organize it on the shelves or counters of the store. I had to be able to display them in an attractive and organized fashion. 

How were the displays utilized in stores?

I am still in the production phase, so I have not set any up in stores as of yet, but look forward to being able to present every retailer with a “kit” that takes the headache out of their number one goal: to turn a profit. 

How did they give you the edge? Did they meet your expectations/goals?

These POP displays give my company an edge by catching customers’ eyes with attractive design and crisp graphics. They also give my company an edge because it takes a lot of the work out for the retail outlets I sell to. The POP displays from Cardboard Cutout Standees exceeded my expectations in the design quality and also how easy they are to work with. Even when I had minor changes, Cardboard Cutout Standees was great about altering the design and getting me a new prototype to test out. 

A can of FlowBlend's CBD chew.

Do you plan on using the countertop POP displays for other marketing or promotional events in the future?

I will be offering these POP displays to every retailer I work with, and will use them at every show I attend. It’s the best way to promote my product with simplicity and organization. 

What has been the reception to FlowBlend pouches so far?

So far people love the idea of what FlowBlend offers and I have orders lined up waiting to be filled. I am excited to launch FlowBlend and help thousands finally conquer addiction to nicotine. 

Will there be any new pouch flavors in the future?

We are just getting warmed up. I see many new pouch flavors in the future, and also many new product lines. There are lots of problems we can solve with the pouch delivery method. 

Why do you think FlowBlend may be an especially important and relevant product on the market right now, since the pandemic has been in play?

I think FlowBlend is important on the market right now because as we face the pandemic, stress is high, and our personal health is more important than ever. Everyone who uses nicotine knows that it isn’t doing their health any favors and FlowBlend is here to help them move in the direction of freedom. Napoleon Hill, famed author on personal success, spoke about how nicotine slowly drained people’s willpower. FlowBlend helps people take that power back. The pandemic is temporary, but our need for personal sovereignty and willpower lasts forever. 

FlowBlend's product logo.

Check Out FlowBlend Online!

FlowBlend currently offers four different flavors of their CBD-infused pouches. Be sure to check them out online at or visit them on Instagram and Facebook

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