Everyone loves a contest, but sometimes it can be hard to promote them on social media and get enough participation. Nevertheless, getting Instagram promotion for products is one of the best ways to get attention to a product or service.Lambay Whiskey penguin cutout.

Lambay Whiskey wanted a way to stand out from the crowd for their Lambay Legends contest. The contest is a good one – it invites people to enter to win a trip for two to go to Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day. For any Irish, whiskey-loving person, that far exceeds the expectations of any St. Paddy’s Day celebration.

When you have a product that is so well embraced by a specific culture or ethnicity, it’s important to encourage people enjoying it to truly embrace that sense. When it comes to Irish whiskey, you do not have to have an Irish heritage to enjoy the product, nor do you have to be Irish to want to take a trip out of the country just to drink your favorite product.

To draw attention to their event, Lambay Whiskey encouraged patrons to take a photo of themselves with a cardboard cutout. They placed them throughout the region at bars and restaurants. What better way to encourage people to order a drink than to throw in the ability to take a photo with a cutout to potentially win a trip to Ireland?Lambay Whiskey penguin cutout with girls.

We love to see successful and smiling people surrounding our cutouts. In many ways, this is what helps make these events and promotions so special – people are not only enjoying a product here, but they are planning a five-day trip to Dublin to celebrate their love of it!

Why did you purchase our cardboard cutouts? Tell us the story!

They were purchased to use for patrons to take pictures and selfies at bars and restaurants that were participating in the Lambay Legends contest for a chance to win a trip to Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day. Patrons were encouraged to use Instagram and add the specialized #hashtags and gifs that were created in their IG posts. The events were held in FL, GA, NY/NJ, CA, and working with Cardboard Cutout Standees was a breeze, as they were able to drop ship to different locations for us.

How did the cutouts work out for your strategy/promo/event? What was the customer reaction to the cardboard cutouts like?

The cutouts worked very well and encouraged a lot of patron involvement with pictures and selfies.

Do you plan on using them in any different, interesting ways in the future?

The cutouts can work across the board at many different events and trade shows as they were designed to be able to break down and travel easily.Lambay Whiskey penguin cardboard cutout standee back.

Besides cardboard cutouts, are you using any other cool marketing strategies for events, promotions or other activities?

We use a variety of marketing promotions including hand held props, wall art and street art.Lambay Whiskey parking lot mural wall art.Lambay Whiskey cardboard cutout photo props.

How Can Our Cutouts Work for Your Next Event?

If you are planning a contest, it’s only going to be worthwhile if you get enough people to pay attention to it and enter it. This can prove to be more challenging than ever. The best way to make a contest like this work is to dive in and offer something fun and engaging alongside it. A photo contest, especially a social media contest like this one, can really get people excited about your product and their potential to win.

If you’re planning such an event, take the time to dive right in. Work with our team to create a cardboard cutout that fits the theme of your event or contest. Then, get out there to promote it. Add a hashtag to it to further your mission and communicate the joys of your product with those online.

What Could a Cardboard Cutout Do to Promote Your Brand?

As an affordable investment that can be used in any scenario, our cutouts command attention and get people smiling. Take a closer look at how you can enhance your next marketing campaign using our lifesize cutouts. They may be just the ticket to draw people in to your contest, special event, or just into your brand itself.Lambay Whiskey cardboard cutout with team.


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