What is the secret to every successful company? Turns out, successful businesses don’t rely on the “build it and they will come” outlook. They rely on exposure.

Red7 Creative knows that there are many paths to higher visibility. This is the principle on which they operate, and the very reason so many companies have turned to them for their marketing needs.

It all started in 2009, when they began as a local Dallas agency, providing small businesses with large-scale productions and marketing efforts they couldn’t do on their own. In just a decade, Red7 Creative transformed into an entire media buying entity with nearly 10,000 TV presences for their clients and 15 awards.

How did they do this? They may not pass out their secrets for achieving such success, but one thing is certain – like every good agency, they tailor their marketing plans and employ a diverse array of tools, one of which is cardboard cutouts.

Read on to find out how and why this award-winning, media-savvy agency is using cardboard cutouts to gain exposure for their clients.

Lifesize cardboard cutout standees on display.

Some of the 6 and 7-foot Standees Red7 Creative has on hand

What drew you to cardboard cutouts?

We were interested in an interesting and visually arresting way to market our materials.

What caused you to purchase cutouts from Cardboard Cutouts Standees?

We are impressed with the quality that this company produces. The colors are sharp, rich and up to our high standards. The cut lines are clean and professional.

What do you plan to do with your cutouts?

Cutouts are part of our overall vision for providing branding for our campaigns. The cutout can be interacted with and then shared on social media platforms, and we think that’s great.

Do you have any future plans to use cardboard cutouts?

We are toying with the idea of using cutouts as a kind of media influencer. In other words, photographing a cutout character in different restaurants and bars and appearing on social media.

Are there other cutouts you are using or plan to use for marketing?

We’re interested in using different-shaped signs, and this company has much experience with that.

What kind of response have you seen from customers?

We’re always delighted at the number of people who are photographing themselves with these cutouts. Sales staff enjoy selfies with them as well.

What are some of the reactions from the public when you bring out the cutouts?

Our cutouts have been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

Finding exposure with cardboard cutouts

Red7 Creative knows that getting exposure relies on a wide variety of tools, and they’ve put cardboard cutouts on the top shelf. Are lifesize cardboard cutouts on yours?

Cardboard Cutout Standees let you create life size cutouts of buildings, objects, or creatures ready to pose with your customers, who love sharing selfies they’ve captured with them! Use your cutout standees in front of store promotions, at trade shows, during fundraisers, at sporting events, or as part of a contest. Anywhere your customers are is where your cutouts belong.

Do as award-winning marketing agencies do and choose an interactive marketing tool. Choose Cardboard Cutouts Standees! Contact us to learn more.


  • Jason Frank

    Jason Frank is the Co-Founder and Vice President at Cardboard Cutout Standees. After 25 years of selling factory automation he started the company with one of his college roommates. The company has grown to one of the largest providers of large format custom printed products in the United States. Along with the namesake cardboard cutout standees, they also provide BigHeads, Point of Purchase Displays, Wall Murals, and Wall Decals to a diverse client base across the US and Canada. When not focused on the business, you usually find Jason either on the road biking or our in the woods and fields of western Wisconsin.

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