Have you ever walked by a store, tent, or vendor area and had to stop and learn more about what they do?

Sufferfest Beer

The Sufferfest Beer Company knows something about that.

From their quirky name to their unique philosophy and social consciousness, Sufferfest has put a new twist on libations, and people are noticing.

Find out how they fused their company mission with practical marketing tools, making Sufferfest stand out from the craft brewery pack.

The Sufferfest Beer Company Story

Trail runner and athlete, Caitlin Landesberg, wanted a beer to quench her thirst after a workout. She found no options to suit her lifestyle and diet, so she took matters into her own hands and set out to create the beer she wanted to see in the world.

Caitlin enlisted the help of a brewmaster. After years of developing the recipes, she left her job and launched her beer to market in May of 2016. Caitlin is the CEO of the Sufferfest Beer Company. The company serves up nutritious beer to thrill-seekers and go-getters all around California.

Sufferfest is a beer company for adventurers, athletes, and others on the move.  The brand travels to races, competitions, festivals, and other outdoor events. At these events, they spread the word about their better-for-you beer. Sufferfest made a splash at two recent events in Colorado with cardboard cutouts: TransRockies and The Pursuit Series.

To learn more about how Sufferfest is using cutouts at these special events, we spoke to Michael McSherry, the Field & Sports Marketing Manager at Sufferfest. He offers details about why they decided to go with Cardboard Cutout Standees, as well as the impact the cardboard cutouts made on their marketing strategy.

Read on to learn more about how one creative client is marketing their product in a unique way.

Why did you get a cardboard cutout?

We needed something that would stand out and highlight our products at events. It also needed to be easy to pack

Sufferfest Beer Tipi

The Sufferfest Tipi!

and ship.

Cardboard Cutout Standees is a great and affordable solution for our brand.  They set us apart from the other beer displays.

What are you doing with your cutouts?

We created 4′ cutouts of each of our five beers to use at outdoor events like festivals and competitions.  There were two adventure events we used our cutouts for.  The Pursuit Series and TransRockies.

Pursuit Series is a multi-day event featuring over 30 brands.  It has activities every day, from rock climbing to yoga and paddle boarding.  Many brands also offered classes there, including us!

What’s in Your Beer?

Sufferfest Beer hosted a class called “What’s In Your Beer?” We educated consumers on our brand and products. The cutouts were a great draw for our session since we placed them outside of the tipi where we held the class.

The second event was TransRockies. A 6-day traveling trail race through the Colorado Rockies.

We activated each day at this event and served 500+ trail runners beer each evening.  We set up a tent, and we used the cutouts to feature which beers we were serving that day. (Psst! To see a video of the cutouts in action at both events, visit the Sufferfest Instagram page and select the IG TV tab.)

What are your future plans for your cutout? Are there other cutouts you plan to use for marketing?

We will continue to use them for events and activities. We will also start to use them in our accounts to help draw attention to our sales displays.

For now, we have one 4′ cutout of each of our beers. We will use the cutouts for both marketing and sales initiatives.

What has the reaction from people been like?

People like them. They help pull people in and make them want to get a photo with the cutout. This helps a lot for

Sufferfest Can Cutouts

our brand and product awareness as well as making a fun post for social media!

Customers always comment on them and its exciting for them to take a photo with the cutouts. Content and sharing experiences on social media is so valuable to brands. Cardboard cutouts are a simple way to stand out. Cutouts create shareable moments with your target consumers.

You don’t have to suffer for great marketing

The folks at Sufferfest Beer Company love to sweat for their success (and their beer). Not everyone wants to toil for their marketing tools. With Cardboard Cutout Standees, it’s easy.

No matter what you’re selling.  You can create a unique and eye-catching way to pique people’s interest in your product or service.  Don’t believe us?  Here is a title insurance company that turned their cutout into a popular social media character that pops up all over town!

From an entrepreneur to a marketer to a party host.  Anyone who needs to get the word out and get people’s attention should consider creating a cardboard cutout.  Wait until you see the surprised and delighted faces of your visitors!

Cardboard cutouts are not limited to objects. We create life-sized cardboard cutouts of people, signs, and other stand-up characters. These are perfect for placing in-store, at special events, or in social media photos.

Ready to get started?  We’re here to help.  On your mark, get set, go!


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